Ultra billion glasses how to avoid the glasses when today finally understand the secret

when the need for glasses is very tangled, in the face of all kinds of glasses of the spectacle frame and various see my eyes, it is impossible to start. In fact, about the glasses, there are not too many professional knowledge, just remember every time to wear glasses, the clerk said that good, buy the glasses, but why is the price, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Wear glasses for ten years, before the habit of glasses is to go to the big glasses shop, the feeling is a brand, trustworthy, and later learned that the original glasses have so many secrets. It is a tragic history of


2004, my first time with glasses, not satisfied, just looking for a feature!

remember when I just in junior high school, is estimated to read books to see more, with the eye not cause health plus. It is especially popular to the bookstore to rent books, a few dollars can rent several books, one can look at the addiction, the evening after the bedroom lights, quietly point a candle to indulge the novel world. However, after one or two months, I found that I was sitting in the back. Myopia is from then on, I made a special impression on me. Back in order not to affect learning, can only bite the bullet to home to 600 pieces of money, then felt the glasses glasses shop is a luxury, is a good place to senior, I entered a junior high school students do not know how to deal with the glasses shop clerk, behind do not know how to buy a pair of glasses 575 yuan, I deliberately left 25 continue to rent books, haha. However, 600 yuan at that time, I think it is so large a sum of money, because I am a month of food on the $200. In this way, my first pair of glasses came, this is 3 years of wear.

impression, the first pair of glasses is a bit like this, the specific has not quite remember the

2007, the second time I wear glasses, looks a bit like it!

it is gratifying that I did not continue to indulge behind the novel, after the examination of the key high school, but the degree of the eye is also rising. Can only change the glasses, and because it is a long body, with glasses this thing can not be careless, so the money is easy to get the glasses with the hand. The experience of the first second glasses, I ventured a lot, a lot of knowledge of the specific understanding of glasses to the clerk, for example, what kind of glasses often need to read, it is not easy to tired eyes. Know domestic glasses, also imports, but imports more expensive, do not know at the time is not a psychological comparisons, I want to buy a pair of imported glasses, but because the price is too expensive, later bought a pair of 750 yuan of domestic glasses. But for a middle school student, it’s just the price. At that time, the style of the glasses are not too much care, as if the plastic half frame. It’s pretty light. In a word, I feel better than the first time.

second glasses

Twelve struck Ali again to create second-hand Carnival

When the double 11

electric smoke of battle has not yet dispersed, a new concept of the electricity supplier in the operation of Taobao was ready, twelve Carnival electricity supplier is a matter of immediate concern, second-hand products business model, once again win a lot of love Amoy business men and women, although the second-hand concept does not seem to double the one hand product concept to attract people however, second-hand products become the main electricity supplier that is the first time that this may again lead the new trend of the electricity supplier.

secondary market electricity supplier of promotional activities seem to have a gimmick, but if you think about it, you will find there is a problem, that is the supervision of the electricity supplier, originally a product quality hand in the sales promotion as there is no small flaws, many products are ordered in the promotion of the same day, the customer service service there are many problems, such as because of quality problems return, or even cause disputes, so second-hand supplier of promotional activities, monitoring the quality of the product becomes more difficult, but also become the bottleneck of twelve promotion the biggest shopping day.

second-hand electricity supplier market continues to grow

used product sales through the Internet has not only recently some things before, has not yet appeared on the Internet, has been through the newspapers and magazines and other forms of second-hand flea market, the secondary market, so many consumers realize the self to meet demand, and the price will be higher, but the second-hand flea model is basically based on the city, similar to the ultra long range business model, but the development speed is very slow, the bottleneck lies in the second-hand products quality supervision is difficult to guarantee.

but the second-hand market scale is increasing every year, people urgently need a perfect platform for trading, Taobao from the function basically meet this demand, because Alipay based transactions can make secondary transactions to achieve effective supervision, through the investment system to avoid in the secondary transactions may be deceived, so this in recent years Taobao market has begun to appear a large number of secondary trading market, which is now twelve promotion festival activities and lay a solid foundation.

is the key to improve the regulation of activation of twelve

Since the

continuous growth of the secondary market scale, people trade through electronic business platform will also increased, which makes Taobao saw another development direction, that is to activate the secondary trading, but from the current regulatory point of view, although Alipay has a certain security, but the second-hand product itself has many different the definition, the appearance and quality of rules is difficult to grasp, so that to second-hand products trading regulation more difficult, when consumers said they received second-hand products and their expectations are different, naturally feel cheated, but in fact the second-hand products also originally in the electricity supplier on page just show, consumers do not carefully read, in this context, it is difficult to say the deal is not fair.

so that the trading of second-hand twelve promotion section looks beautiful, but to realize it.

How to choose your domain name

with the rapid popularization of Internet and the rise of network marketing, e-commerce, website, domain name registration will become more and more popular, even all the future development of the enterprise must do, if there is not heard of enterprise website, it is to keep up with the development trend of the times. According to experts predict that in 2008 the Olympic Games, the number of domain name China can exceed the 6 million mark, to 2009 will reach 7 million 500 thousand, the visible domain name was once synonymous with high-tech in China has also begun to "ordinary people". With the rise of cybersquatting boom, people pay close attention to the domain name more and more, even some companies set up a special cybersquatting department, there is a good domain name for an enterprise is how important. Especially now, a good three characters a little domain almost are bad, is the daughter of hard to find good domain name. We must be the domain name to choose, but how can we choose a new, unique domain name?.

, a simple, easy to remember, the principle of


we all know the good domain not only can let visitors leave deep impression, to improve the company’s visibility, increase traffic has a very important role, such as the Sina website (sina.com) is very simple, as long as the image, visitors can see it again basically remember; and as the "Baidu" (baidu.com with the Chinese) in line with the thinking habit of Pinyin as a domain name, which is consistent with their purpose: the pursuit of the largest and most professional Chinese search. In order to achieve a simple, easy to remember, the following two methods:

1, domain name both numbers and letters or other combination will strive to be concise, vivid, can let visitors such as 163.com, 3721.com, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. 163 only 3 digits, even if the students look can also remember, 3721 China evokes a All the world knows. saying "regardless of the consequence, so think of this sentence, do not forget the 3721. Remember there is a TOYOTA ad "car to Piedmont Road, the road must be a TOYOTA car" is using China "car to Piedmont Road, ship directly to the natural bridge" as the proverb saying, so the TOYOTA ads known to every family, but also everyone! As a domain name like to have a certain vitality, can let others have the association, it is easy to remember.

2, the domain name is best combined with their own business or business products, or their interpretation, even if the visitors forget your domain name, but as long as you think of the company’s name or product can also associate. Two, in accordance with the principles of general practice to choose the domain name type

with the domain name application more and more, its type is also constantly increasing,.Com,.Cn,.Info,.Gov, and com is generally used more CN, if your company is in the nature of international business that will use the COM and other international domain name, if it is for domestic use.

Tourism electricity supplier VS traditional travel agencies talk about subversion Too early

[small] Xinxin language Internet is a kind of tool, the electricity supplier is a model of tourism business with the traditional travel agency is more of a competing relationship, you have me, I have you, now is too early to talk about subversion


shortly before the end of the 2014 Power Summit, the same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang said: "in the context of mobile Internet, the next year and a half, was born in PC end Online Travel Corporation will be half dead, the same line of traditional enterprises will also be half dead." Indeed, the market is always in line with the development of enterprises and practitioners can not adapt to the times, especially for the tourism industry. But the author doubts is such a good stuff to make the Internet such a cult like "

, really good?

recently, in the traditional travel agency once again facing the industry reshuffle "," upgrade "as the title of the information industry is especially" emerge in an endless stream, the Internet to subvert the traditional industry "seems to have become entrepreneurs favorable publicity slogans. It is undeniable that in recent years, the tourism industry to penetrate the traditional thinking of the Internet is becoming increasingly apparent, but the traditional travel agency still has the tourism business do not have the advantage, so the tourism business impact is still not enough for the traditional travel agencies on the road to ruin! I think that the traditional travel agency can determine the strategy with the help of the Internet the power, positive action, so why not say is to accelerate the traditional tourism industry transformation and upgrading of


industry insiders said, "now people always say the Internet to subvert a certain industry, to subvert the financial industry, to subvert the tourism industry, the tourism industry, at this stage still more fusion, compared with online tourism, traditional tourism industry there is insufficient information, the communication efficiency is low, but the development of traditional tourism industry for so many years has many traditional advantages and unique resources." At the same time, he said, "the biggest advantage of the traditional tourism industry is a huge user base of demand and promotion of space, and how to dig out the traditional tourism industry information, the Internet of things to do is to improve the efficiency of information dissemination."

compared with the traditional tourism business, the travel agency can provide tourists with a package of products, save all kinds of trouble, the cheaper; second is customized travel market, such as the now popular Showtime travel customized travel channel, visitors will inform the demand on the platform of tourism tourism consultant consultant, will be the first time the tailor; three traffic is a long-term price advantage, but also try to group tickets sale mode, another season flight control advantage; finally the outbound visa, visa for many years of accumulated experience, mature visa team, a good relationship with the embassy, can give you the most professional service.

Jingwei venture Xiao Min also mentioned: on the transformation of the Internet era, rarely see an industry entirely by the traditional way or completely rely on the Internet to operate. In particular, tourism is a natural experience economy, never a party to the other party out. Experience is perceived by service, and service is the thing

Everything is possible to choose e-commerce success

e-commerce in China is in the initial stage, this is an indisputable fact, however, take the data to speak, there may be a lot of people to believe that e-commerce in Chinese for ten years, the explosive growth rate is beyond imagination. Now the electronic commerce market average per quarter revenue can reach trillion, in the entire GDP contribution of important components. From the development point of view, B2B business occupies the absolute dominant position, B2C and C2C are also more eye-catching performance, e-commerce has become the transformation of economic development, an important way to expand domestic demand and boost consumption.

e-commerce as an important model of the Internet, representing the core and essence of the Internet business operations. E-commerce is a new business, traditional enterprises, especially SMEs can not become a system, the emergence of third party e-commerce platform has become inevitable. As a result, it is possible to provide an excellent e-commerce professional platform for many enterprises, especially the majority of small and medium enterprises to provide e-commerce solutions for the overall third party e-commerce company will also be born.

return to the application service network, e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises need to be able to provide quality service experience and effective product promotion, enterprise comprehensive promotion and brand building enterprises and individual business communication between channels. Small and medium-sized enterprises inherent disadvantage due to its relative lack of resources, poor cash flow, investment is also lack of manpower cost. Pay more attention to the effect of marketing, focusing on cost-effective.

, however, many small and medium enterprises in e-commerce application depth is not enough, the level is not high, their e-commerce applications are in the online release of information. At this time, the emergence of a hundred responses to a single call to small and medium-sized enterprises, e-commerce and see business opportunities, by virtue of the new model of e-commerce B2B+ search ", the overall layout of the national market, the two or three line of the city of small and medium-sized enterprises, started the" solid battle encircling the city ".

believes that enterprises use to implement a hundred responses to a single call, B2B e-commerce model, can save a special website process, at the same time, with the promotion effect of economy of scale and scope of the third party platform, the cost is much lower than the independent promotion effect, but also more professional and community, which is consistent with the basic premise of small and medium sized enterprises involved in e-commerce.

The enormous impact and influence of

as the network economy era of mainstream business model electronic commerce in China enterprise management, the small and medium-sized enterprises of our country to provide a higher and newer, more urgent requirements, the development of enterprises, it is necessary to innovate, to meet various challenges.

generally speaking, small and medium enterprises hope that through e-commerce platform can find peers, business people, business partners, through e-commerce platform to show themselves, expand contacts, exchange of experience. As the main marketing relationship between the modern enterprise and the enterprise, the B2B e-commerce will be the beneficial exploration for the enterprise, and also the inevitable choice for the enterprise. Of course, here

Taobao shielding webmaster business opportunities

Taobao shield Baidu event caused the attention of most of the webmaster friends. Some people say Taobao silly, don’t let the white flow, and some people say that this is Taobao, Baidu is also the bright younger generation as it cannot be helped, because arguing with him in a job. No matter what the reason, regardless of who is right or wrong. Anyway, this is their business, we can not do anything, we can do is to seize the opportunity to fight for the opportunity.

remember Baidu included Taobao pages tens of millions, with shielding events continued, and what kind of impact? I think Taobao and rival pat, eBay and other traffic should have obvious growth, but also including Baidu has ah. But for Taobao’s withdrawal, Baidu was somewhat reluctant. Baidu is also worried about the tens of millions of data, of a sudden, netizens are not hard to find what you want? Are those who love Taobao users will slowly get used to not Baidu’s online life? I think this is Baidu does not want to see.

these days, in the forum met you see some friends say do Taobao related website, one day included. Oh, Baidu is not a fool, you can provide the contents of Taobao, of course, he likes. So I think the current Taobao website for those sites have not seen improvement, want to give up and do not have a good idea of the webmaster, might as well try.

can capture the content of Taobao, Baidu included, generally there will be traffic, and then use the flow, do Ali mother cat promotion. The excess is not to say, go to.

this article by I fell in love with Taobao (www.5236taobao.cn) starting, please indicate the source.

A draw detonated unspoken rule network lottery fraud door net is teasing you


claimed the internal processing, but both internal staff of the black box operation of micro-blog group purchase lottery issue is still in fermentation, at present and even to the whole industry and the spread of the network group purchase industry trends. "Draw" as bait, but in reality the behavior of ordinary consumers cheat behavior." An industry source disclosed, in fact, the entire Internet industry, similar or even more extravagant practices has become "the industry has long been known, everyone knows the" unspoken rule.

even touch the "false minefield" high

The new

China network sets the world’s largest Gaopeng group purchase group purchase website, Grouppon and Tencent to invest in a "aristocracy" of pure heinous, but just in China, but repeatedly setback.

in early April, before the formal launch of group purchase business, Gaopeng has launched a sweepstakes for its on-line preheating, but because the prize is too little, too stingy "and fill in the name and identity card, drew boos, then announced the list of winners and the prize to honor the problem of heavy, it is raised a question.

entered in May, the situation continues to upgrade the sweepstakes, some friends broke the news that it was held in May 4th, micro-blog award forwarding fraud. At that time the rules were formulated, as long as the user to listen to their official micro-blog and forward the message, you can pick up 2 users from the forwarding users award, and presented a white iPhone a." A netizen said, 10 pm, the official results of the announcement, and immediately found that users, these are the award-winning users of their internal staff.

Gao Peng was once denied the news, the official micro-blog shut down, and delete the lottery and winning the event page, bulletin. Until the afternoon of 11, before the final recognition of the existence of loopholes in the lottery, the use of individual employees, and dismissed the vice president of the company responsible for the matter.

this trick is not new

had set foot on "fraud" minefield, Gaopeng has been dubbed the micro-blog platform in the first V, but the problem is obviously a liar "is not in a body high. Some industry insiders, in fact this is the "draw" Chinese local group purchase "play", both just trying to "do" only, but had a very bad.

"this trick in the industry is not what fresh thing, you know." According to reports, due to the simple operation, the marketing effect is obvious, since the date of the birth of the Internet, to draw as bait, earn registered users and traffic has become the industry unspoken rules".

"everything from the beginning of planning, prizes are indifferent." A website one executive said, after a market activity, in order to achieve the best effect of publicity at the lowest cost, the company made a "free lottery" ads in multiple sites, because the prizes rich in content and a short period of time will win a considerable number of users.

"it’s hard for average users to resist the temptation of free sweepstakes"

2016 Tmall grab 11 pairs of red envelopes Tmall red skills how to grab

when approaching double 11 we will have 2016: Tmall double eleven double 11 red envelopes, how to receive? 2016 Taobao Tmall double 11 double eleven Taobao how to grab the red envelopes? Eleven double entrance? How to use double grab Red Raiders? Eleven red envelopes? All kinds of questions that


small series will be through the article one by one to answer all the questions.

there are 20 days, once a year the "double 11" hand chop Festival is coming, Tmall also prepared red envelopes for everyone, the highest 1111 yuan, the general superposition.

it is understood that in 2016 Tmall double 11 envelopes today (October 21st) 0 when open grab, the maximum amount of 1111 yuan, can receive 3 times daily, receive red envelopes time will continue until November 10th at 23:00.

red is divided into 1 yuan, $2, $5, the amount of $1111 and the value of $10 coupons can be used on the double 11 day, the two red envelopes can be used to split the 11, more than double the 11 red envelopes can also be superimposed on the use of.

* 11 double envelopes a total of two recipients:


computer terminal to grab a red envelope address: http://s.click.taobao.com/FRBZXQx (copy links open)

mobile phone terminal to grab a red envelope address: http://s.click.taobao.com/lt7ZXQx (copy links open)

Amoy password:

password: $AAQirryA $


tip: copy the password above, and then open the Taobao or Tmall client. Automatically open the red envelope window after opening (



How to grab 11

double envelopes: Tmall double eleven double eleven grab Red Raiders is a festival created by

China electricity supplier.

"double eleven" refers to the year November 11th, the date of the special, so it is also called the day.

from the beginning of 2009, November 11th of each year, a large e-commerce site to Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com as the representative of the general will use this day to some large-scale discount promotions, in order to increase the sales amount,

became the largest China Internet business activities, the importance of singles as linked to the shopping festival and more attention. The red envelope is the business activities and official activities in order to push up the climax of activities!!.

every day to grab. Grab the end of this year eleven] so far officially under the original capital! The highest envelopes can get 1111 yuan, cut the hand of the party who do not rob



Taobao providers are expected to be the biggest bottleneck on the eve of the Spring Festival online


investor news reporter Wu Peifeng

January 10th, Alibaba announced that the existing business structure and organization will be adjusted, the establishment of the 25 division, Ali split into more small business operations.

chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group, said, the big company into a small company operations, we give the market, to challenge our competitors more opportunities, but also to give ourselves a chance." He also said that the split Ali people want to work together to turn them into a small and beautiful, a significant role in the ecological development of the group".

this may also include the new business, including Taobao, including the provision of new services to explore the possibility of new ways.

recently, there is news that Taobao will be on the line of new projects, Taobao super business, mainly for imported food and supermarket supplies, is expected to be on the line before the spring festival.

for the FMCG gross profit and customer price is low, per unit gross profit contribution of thin, electricity supplier for this category is more cautious, FMCG in e-commerce have become the main category.

but in recent years, in the mode of online supermarket shop 1, the rapid development of Jingdong, mall on-line food channel, as early as in October 2010, the predecessor of Tmall Taobao mall began preparations for the online supermarket. Tmall supermarket day to achieve a single level." Electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong told the investor news reporter.

according to the electricity supplier analysts Lu Zhenwang said, Tmall supermarket to self oriented, Taobao supermarket to supermarket business management, and there will be a great innovation in the last mile, the Taobao core high-end food sellers, line supermarkets chain attracted.

Li Chengdong believes that food fast dependence on logistics high. It is understood that the consumer goods characteristics of short shelf life, easy to damage, easy leakage, fragile goods distribution, high demand for logistics distribution.

Taobao has yet to respond to the matter. Taobao super unified inventory and distribution management will be small sellers or their respective shipments, is not yet known. But logistics is essential for such goods. If the small sellers each delivery, every single logistics cost is high, and scattered distribution services will also reduce the user experience.

previously, limited to logistics, Tmall supermarket currently covers only the Yangtze River Delta in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Taizhou, seven pilot cities. 1 shop chairman Yu Gang earlier in an interview with investors, said the interview, shop No. 1 self logistics distribution is also an inevitable decision. At the beginning of 1 shop has been handed over to the third party logistics and distribution, so that they are more focused on electricity supplier business, but the level of service is difficult to meet the domestic side of the third party.

FMCG electricity supplier on the supply chain management also have higher requirements, including how to manage turnover in the warehouse quickly, relatively large volume fast >

The negative impact of false information registration domain name

network currently on the market, there is a part of the domain name is the use of false registration information, some webmaster can already consider the consequences for a long-term survival in the network on the network, business people, the use of false information or registration of the domain name space, will bring the negative influence of bad


webmaster hard to establish the station, traffic is up, when an email sent to your mailbox, were told to modify the domain name information as soon as possible; otherwise, the domain name will be deleted if you do illegal things with a registered domain name, it is not so easy to delete a domain


we do the purpose of the station is to create a career on the network, not for entertainment, anyway, I think so! Although I did not succeed, webmaster, and strive to let the network is not virtual!

gives the following suggestions:

1, the use of real information to register the domain name

2, do not use the domain name to do illegal things (the law will only become more and more stringent, it can not be more relaxed)

all the information is for reference only, a person’s idea! Not good, we do not kick me!

Tang Wei Dove egg hot million domain names

the whole world of the movie "lust, caution", Tony Leung and Tang Wei is undoubtedly the most shining star, but let people move again is the two? Another "Star" in the film, but is very erotic, that is "Mr. Yi" (Tony Leung ornaments) to "Wang Jiazhi" (Tang Wei) 6.1 Cara dove egg pink diamond ring. In the novel, the story is from a large diamond ring (also called dove, a group of eggs) lady cards, hand diamond on each other, make Wang Jiazhi the emerald ring shabby: "Jia Zhi thought, only she didn’t ring, wear to wear to this jade, I do not wear people laughed at, — even can not see her." Mr. Yi noticed this, take her to buy a big diamond ring, Wang Jiazhi saw a pile of five or six carat diamond ring, immediately dizzy head, go to mr..

a Cartire (Cartier) dove egg pink diamond ring on Friday, quietly flew to Singapore, is currently Ngee Ann City Shopping Center Cartire flagship store display. Tang Wei followed the "sejie" fire, but also to become valuable Tang Wei wearing "Dove" eggs, become priceless. Even and it is closely related to the domain name (gezidan.com) has been registered on the Internet asking price 1 million, according to the Registrar stated, "dove egg" is another name for the large diamond ring, but also on behalf of the best jewelry. If you have this domain name, the jeweler is equivalent to standing on the peak of such products, is supreme. In the industry is a symbol of authority.

reporter consulted about gezidan (dove eggs) the other domain name, such as gezidan.com.cn; gezidan.net have been registered by a space. But the price is not low, registered said priceless dove eggs should of course have a good domain name to match, the only way to have a "dove egg" this noble title.

The electricity supplier giants gathered in Shaxi mountain (map)


Nanfang Daily News (reporter / correspondent Huang Huang Cai Yaojin / Zhang Peihua) economist, said: do not put all the eggs in a basket in the. For the clothing enterprises, the deep meaning of this sentence or can be understood as, in today’s market environment, in addition to accelerate the expansion of the store, the electronic commerce also should be considered as a priority among priorities of enterprises to develop the domestic market.

the traditional clothing enterprises to develop e-commerce to do to prepare? How to integrate internal and external resources to develop electronic commerce to develop electronic commerce and investment required?? for this series of problems, in June 26th, Shaxi invited vip.com, Amazon, serves network, wonderful shopping mall and other commercial giants gathered in a fierce discussion around the product negotiate, business services, expand channels and other topics.

reporter learned from the forum, by the European debt crisis and other negative factors, the domestic textile and garment industry has encountered unprecedented challenges, especially the export situation. At present, more and more clothing enterprises began to try to rely on e-commerce to open up the market, and the effect is remarkable. Shaxi town Party committee member, deputy mayor Liang Dongxiao said, Shaxi is currently studying the introduction of relevant reward enterprise e-commerce application and support policies, encourage enterprises to accelerate the pace of upgrading, production, management, sales upgrade upgrade upgrade.

how much clothing online shopping


reporter was held on the eve of the forum was informed that in 2011 China’s apparel online shopping market size has reached 204 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 94.7%. Data show that clothing has now become the largest online shopping category of goods.

days Yu clothing company is one of the main electronic commerce clothing enterprises, belonging to a well-known Shaxi garment enterprises. After a year of development, now the company specializing in e-commerce staff has increased to 17. They also vividly called "rob sales center". The company responsible person Li Lin told the past year, the company focused on sales of clothing in Tmall, and now nearly 2 million monthly turnover, and in a growing trend.

where the target customers, sales channels have to follow where. Clothing online shopping has become an inevitable trend, who first entered the market, who will be able to take the initiative. However, clothing enterprises must be psychologically prepared for the fierce competition in the market. I have one hundred friends to do the clothing business, the sixty had done e-commerce, but the remaining less than ten." The person in charge said.

online shopping market how to stand out?

can not be denied, and now the apparel industry, the product has fallen into the dilemma of homogenization. Many garment enterprises launched products similar, style, fabric and price are very similar. If these similar products sold on the network, how to find a special channel to stand out?

network serves relevant negative.

Mcglaughlin M18.com will be transformed into online stores


technology – Beijing morning news on November 21st, Mcglaughlin (Nasdaq:MCOX) announced today that its board of directors has approved Yuqu Skynet (Giosis) joint venture interest Mcglaughlin (Giosis Mecoxlane Ltd.) day trading. Mcglaughlin will provide online shopping services in China, while’s M18.com site will be revised to attract a large number of competing independent sellers and brands.

fun Skynet founder and CEO Young Bae Ku will join the fun day Mcglaughlin management team, he will be responsible for the leadership of the joint venture. Young Bae Ku is the founder of the Korean online marketplace Gmarket, and served as chief executive officer of the company from 2001 to 2009. Young Bae Ku and Mcglaughlin, managing director and CEO, will serve as chairman of the fun days of Mcglaughlin, chairman of the board of directors of the United States and China.

the two sides of the transaction documents show interest and Mcglaughlin respectively to the first phase of the net interest day Mcglaughlin invested $15 million and $5 million in cash capital. A non exclusive license. Skynet will provide access to its online marketplace and related intellectual property rights, and is responsible for organizing management team. Mcglaughlin will also provide some non cash assets, including domain name M18.com and some trademarks. After the completion of the transaction, Mcglaughlin will hold interest Skynet and fun day Mcglaughlin 60% and 40% of the shares.

Mcglaughlin is expected to sell its branded goods on the re launch of the fun day Mcglaughlin online marketplace and other third party e-commerce websites in china. Mcglaughlin will provide the most favorable price terms and commissions for the sale, display, marketing and promotion of the goods provided by Mcglaughlin.

Mcglaughlin will continue to sell and sell goods through its call center and store. Mcglaughlin and Mcglaughlin are still interested in the day prior negotiations, hoping to use the warehouse, logistics center and distribution network. Mcglaughlin also plans to set up a new company for customers and third party logistics and order fulfillment services.

Mcglaughlin plans to convene a special general meeting in central Hongkong on December 19, 2012 at 10 a.m.. In addition to the above transaction documents, the completion of the transaction is subject to other terms. As of November 20, 2012, registered shareholders will have the right to know the arrangements for the meeting and special meeting of shareholders the right to vote. (Bing Yan)

April Fool’s Day joke, O2O busy

in the April Fool’s day, the major Internet Co especially represented by BAT often released a number of "black technology", and this year’s April Fool’s day, but spread out a Baidu will give up false news, O2O in this regard, Baidu has called this rumor, April Fool’s joke can not be opened, and the reward of 40 thousand yuan to trace behind.

rumors stop wise. And do not say whether this matter is really any conspiracy, might as well take a look at the recent changes in Baidu O2O. In my opinion, only to Baidu Nuomi in the O2O ecological layout, as well as movies, KTV and hotel, health beauty and parent-child vertical category of force speed obviously, 2016, O2O life service industry pattern or will be reversed. Of course, this can also be speculated that the false news of the perpetrators of a state of mind.

technology allows O2O into the fast lane

O2O the beginning of the war, the impression is that there is no technical content, the fight is the operation and capital. But when technology and O2O combine effectively, will be able to greatly reduce costs.

O2O platform is not a ring around the development of holiday marketing, with other platforms simply rely on subsidies to do holiday marketing is different, Baidu Nuomi’s holiday marketing has a scientific data guide.

2016 eve of the girls’ day, Baidu Nuomi integrated over the years of consumer data and the entire network of female users portrait data released O2O life service women consume big data report. The report pointed out that the proportion of Chinese Internet users accounted for 46% of the proportion of women in the consumption of O2O in, while in 2015 Baidu Nuomi’s performance of the girls’ day in 3.7 than in 2014 to achieve an increase of 600%.

Based on this

, Baidu Nuomi to build the third session of the 3.7 girls section, once again set off a line under the line linkage of the female consumer Carnival: hundreds of city country has more than 800 thousand businesses involved in the shop to pay Baidu Nuomi, more than 10 million users to participate in. In March 5th, 3.7 girls Festival starts on the first day, Baidu Nuomi App ranked apple App Store ranked second overall standings, the service life of the first list.

can see, busy busy and increase the Commission to continue to subsidize its competitors, Baidu Nuomi through technical means of making Festival Guide push, steadily, in the optimization of a variety of new features of the user experience, greatly increasing the quality user retention rate.

not only that, according to the author, Baidu Nuomi will also be big data technology into the process of pushing. When it comes to push, many people think that sales promotion personnel cleans carpet and blind shop, actually do this effect is less effective, thankless. Driven by Baidu big data technology, Baidu Nuomi’s push is becoming more and more technical fan children, targeted, efficient.

through large data analysis, Baidu Nuomi can stay within the category of user preference category, and the district has a single category distribution category, the category of consumption distribution in the area, to analyze the group provided by the district

Network real name system step by step, said the real estate tax transfer buyers

July 1st, the Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services administration promulgated by the State Administration for Industry and commerce "(hereinafter referred to as the" measures ") will be formally implemented, which means that the online shop will be the full implementation of real name system. Since the introduction of the new regulations in 2008, the business sector, the e-commerce market to meet the new development initiatives specification.

in fact, with the rapid growth of e-commerce in the regulatory vacuum is not unrelated. Data show that the first quarter of this year, China’s online shopping market transactions reached 102 billion 690 million yuan, an increase of 119.4%, is expected in 2010 the overall market transaction size will reach $475 billion 500 million.

huge data behind there are some negative phenomena. "Before, I bought a T-shirt in the online store that is made of cotton, but after you get is not found, I gave in the assessment, and points out the material, after the store has been called and asked me to delete comments, that is not good." As online shopping Master "zero" of the shop name system will implement much appreciated, one can purify the online shopping environment, the elimination of bad business, and if the shop operators for a business license, we will "redress of grievances."

however, the business registration is not for all online shops, registration application business license must have two key conditions, first, the registered capital of not less than 100 thousand yuan; the two must have a fixed place of business. Nevertheless, the shop name system is a good thing for consumers and shop operators, "take off" vest ", consumers and businesses are the need of credit." Online sales of bulk perfume, smoke cage month, said the author, she was more worried about the real name system will become a prelude to tax. I do is the sale of small, if the same as the physical store to pay 17% of the sales tax, will make the shop overwhelmed."

business clothing shop has 5 years of "Fox" is not worried about the tax problem, "if you really want to collect taxes, must be all together, and the seller can put tax costs through price increases on the way to the buyer." She is more concerned about is that once the implementation of the real name registration, it means to submit the real name and address, my information will be leaked or stolen?

Although companies such as Taobao C2C

said it has already realized the real name system, but for tens of thousands of domestic e-commerce enterprises, in the real name system in the process of how to effectively identify the true identity of the information submitted by the seller and the seller of the effective protection of information is not leaked, is a network trading platform service operators to think of the problem.

guozhengtong Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as id5) vice president Zhang Yan said the author, "online real name system execution quality, to a certain extent determines the future of the Internet real name system can implement smoothly. The current implementation of the real name system including submit copy of ID card, ID card reader, network identity verification three."

, submit a copy of the ID card can only prove that the seller will be the identity of the information to the regulatory agencies, and can not prove that the identity of the true and false information, and read card >

Jingdong mall this year, sales of over 4 billion next year to start listing plan

mall Jingdong chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong, of China Securities newspaper reporter revealed that the company in 2009 sales will exceed 4 billion yuan, in 2010 will reach 10 billion yuan, the company for many years to maintain the growth rate of 200%.

Liu Qiangdong said that Jingdong mall will start listing plan in 2010, from the current structure of the company, the NASDAQ will be preferred.

mall Jingdong in recent years has maintained a rapid development, there are currently more than 25 thousand daily online orders, but because the Internet bookings soared, with the background of logistics has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the company, the Jingdong was connected to the call center rate is only 50%.

Liu Qiangdong said that Jingdong logistics and background is very large investment in order to meet the needs of future development. Recently, Jingdong mall in Jiangsu, Suqian built a national customer service call center, currently has 150 call seats next year will reach 400. Liu Qiangdong said, e-commerce is a non face to face transactions, customer service quality requirements are higher, standardized, unified and efficient service is the direction of future development of e-commerce enterprises."

Jingdong mall has opened its own distribution services in 24 cities across the country, to provide customers with cash on delivery and other services, plans to open this service in 300 cities next year.

Independent electricity supplier new thinking Beverage electricity supplier

last night, talking to a friend of Huarun snow talk about the development of the beverage industry. He gave to a data: 1 tons of beer profits only 114 yuan, a meal about 1600 bottles, a bottle of average profit of only six or seven cents a year, although the snow to 10 million tons and is the industry leader, but also was more than a billion profit. Out of the habit of thinking, I have discussed with him the drink some may do business.

1 drinks can be sold in the electricity supplier channels


overall, the beverage industry is able to sell in the electricity supplier channels, but sales have to be limited. What do you mean? Because the beverage is an important channel of the industry, the existing distributors and agents and retailers to maintain profit occupies a large proportion, the industry basically rely on shipments of the overall maintenance for online retail beverages can do, but must control area at the same time also need to drink as a category, because the whole industry is very low rate of profit.

2 why other FMCG industry can do?

Relative to the

such as shoes industry, beverage industry overall technical threshold is not high, which will bring full competition, further influence is directly made to support high transportation costs, the electricity supplier can not make a difference in the channel. At the same time, the beverage industry brand can do it, but the brand premium is hard to do, the price in the same industry in the development of advance and retreat can be seen. Coupled with the industry pay more attention to the consumer scene, so the electricity supplier is not appropriate. But the shoes category is not the same, although in recent years the channels in the flat, but the consumption demand is not high the scene.

3 how to do the future of beverage brands

beverage industry basically depends on the size and channel accumulate food industries such as Wahaha to channels laying on the shelves quickly enough, because of its accumulation in. At the same time, dealers, agents and industry brands also have a good relationship with an inch, a new brand to be able to play into the need for adequate technology, capital, brand marketing and differentiated positioning. I have not said that must not be able to succeed, but in the capital and technology two will do a lot of people, but the brand effect is more important, it is a force in the industry, but once it is difficult to be successful defense may break, the typical Losers are always in the wrong.

4 electricity supplier category selection criteria which

One of the basic characteristics of

electricity supplier with difference information space and smooth the price difference, this also will obliterate the consumer scene, need to consume the scene category on the Internet is difficult to reconstruct the consumer scene, and there is no price difference of the industry is also very difficult to long-term survival. Of course, this is just from the point of view of the manufacturing sector, if the service sector from the point of view, in fact, there is more room.

source: fun _www.ouukuu.com, fun and interesting website (copyright, delete the


10 usability rules for e-commerce websites

(Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center News) competitive e-commerce website is more and more intense, although you may sell the best goods at the lowest prices, but equally important is the user’s shopping experience, e-commerce sites, ease of use is to let users as much as possible to quickly and easily complete the purchase. Sometimes, a little improvement could bring a huge change. Originally told the 10 e-commerce website usability rules.

1 users do not need to register to buy

many companies like to allow users to register, but the registration process is too long, especially for those who visit temporary users, forced registration will scare them away. Let the user directly to the shopping cart add goods before settlement, also provide a convenient option to register their next purchase is a very effective method, at any time to understand, to achieve sales than to collect a bunch of e-mail address more valuable.

2 registration should be simple

how much information do you want registered users to provide you? Perhaps the more the better, but in fact, you can not use so much, what you really need is just an email address and a password. Use email addresses as user names whenever possible because the user name is confusing and the email address is unique and easier to remember.

3 tells the user what steps they are taking

Bread crumbs navigation is required

of any large e-commerce sites, users need to know they are in step and step behind the rest of the otherwise, the user will feel at a loss, and even give up halfway. In addition, the bread crumbs navigation can also help users free to return back to the front of the operation when you need to modify, if the bread crumbs navigation is not easy to achieve, at least you every step of the operation for identification number, such as the first step, four step /.

4 allows users to have a sense of security

users are very concerned about safety, especially when they need to enter a credit card number, at any step the user buy, you need to give them a sense of security, and let them know that you will protect the security and privacy of them, the best way is to deploy SSL on the site.

5 order confirmation

confirmation page is very necessary for the ease of use of an e-commerce website, not only allows users to confirm the contents of the previous operation, but also to avoid the user because of uncertainty and continue to ask you. An effective operation confirmation contains the following three parts: the last step of the order process, allowing users to confirm the confirmation page should contain all the necessary information, order summary, total price, shipping information, and order the cancel button. Once the order is confirmed, the user will see the order confirmation information and the order number, which can be saved and printed. At the same time, you should use email to send the order confirmation information to the user.

6 search function

any e-commerce site needs a

Looking at the current situation of domestic B2C e-commerce development in the future

B2C is the abbreviation of English Business-to-Consumer (business to customer), which is referred to as "business to customer"". "Business to customer" is a model of e-commerce, which is usually called commercial retail, direct sales of products and services to consumers. This form of e-commerce is generally based on the online retail industry, mainly through the Internet to carry out online sales activities. (from Baidu Encyclopedia)

in the last two years, the explosive development of domestic B2C, this is a bit like Baidu search field before and after the 2005 listing, when a business model is completely clear when verifying the capital, open the huge stomach, unconscious capital that their stomach, eat more, can win.

PPG and Vancl

in today’s VANCL crazy advertising everywhere, we should not forget his teacher -PPG, PPG has been recognized by the media and the capital sector is a classic example of fast company. However, due to the PPG chain and the cost of capital control has serious problems, the fast company was also quick to pull down the altar, as the original PPG learning Vancl, PPG mode is a cycle of death can not be avoided.

talking about PPG lost, VANCL Founder PPG aged said, made the wrong calculation of their stage of development, big foot money, eventually led to reverse the decline. I reminded the old teacher, VANCL is not a risk capital chain, but a fact: to enjoy the clothing industry brand premium brand and fashion culture, technology is the VANCL most of the breakthrough, only VANCL OEM garment industry sales channels that "VANCL is a Internet Co or clothing company" problems become severe.

Jingdong mall rise


mall to do over the past two years the pace of development is amazing, and gradually to the department store, which is from the Jingdong began selling Jissbon began, Jingdong mall male consumption features began to like the comprehensive expansion of consumption. Jingdong is the most concerned about the constant self built logistics center, the last time I heard Liu Qiangdong’s discussion in 5G, his talk has revealed a lot of ideas of Six Sigma, very strong east.

at present, the two major bottlenecks of China’s B2C is the initial stage of the credit society and the backward logistics industry. Credit in both buyers and sellers need a lot of improvement, the level of logistics directly determines the B2C e-commerce user shopping experience, of course, the problem has been relatively perfect North Canton logistics. Jingdong in the mall core competitiveness after two years will no longer be relatively reduced scale, but the electronic commerce chain self control and the total cost, when people don’t care about the money, the level of logistics will become a killer.


unwilling to remain out of the limelight

in the C2C field, Taobao world, no one can be the enemy, but the B2C environment for transfer of Taobao once again seeking change, Taobao mall, Taobao Electric City have.

The real reason for the prevailing price war

Dangdang excellence for so many years, has been struggling in the loss line, sales, poor earnings. The most direct reason is the price war. In fact, in addition to Dangdang excellence, many other B2C are deep price war. So why do they love the price war, even if they do not make money to support it?

I’m trying to analyze the underlying causes of the independent B2C’s price wars:

1 online shopping market is in its infancy, consumer demand has not yet presented a large-scale diversification.

with the development of economy and the change of people’s consumption concept, the price in the shopping consumption weight will decline, people on the quality of products, style, material, product value, brand value and other aspects of attention will be strengthened, shopping demand is also showing a diversification trend, even as if purchase conditions. Due to the current online shopping market customer demand is still relatively simple, in people’s minds and also online shopping cheap sign. So independent B2C had to stare at the only market demand, and take the low price strategy to compete with other companies. But the future of online shopping market, is not synonymous with cheap goods. This time will not be long, almost 35 years.

suggested that B2C should focus on the future, the selected population, build their own characteristics, for future online shopping demand diversification prepared, division of online shopping population with the traditional market in the future there will not be any difference, not only look at everyone.

2 operators generally lack of industry responsibility

is similar to Dangdang and excellence in competition, the most typical traditional enterprises to McDonald’s and KFC, you’ve seen them in the price war? People are rising in the process of continuous type competition, competition in the market to expand. The products provided by others are the same as 80%, why open the face to face, their business is so good, the customer has never thought that as long as McDonald’s had eaten, you do not have to eat KFC!

appliance stores Gome boss is on the upstream, squeezing the profits of the manufacturer, occupy the upstream firm’s capital to grow their right, but after the early stages of this strategy, grow their own, more should treat the upstream suppliers to a win-win attitude, together in this industry chain to provide better customer service is. In this industry, the industry has the sense of responsibility than GREE, he can promise that its dealers can not lose, even if the loss will take their profits subsidies to the dealer. This kind of mind can have a few operators have, so people can play against Wong Kwong Yu Dong Mingzhu, rely on their own channels to achieve high growth, not without reason. Take a look at the world can be regarded as a great business, to see how people treat upstream and downstream.

Internet enterprise also is such, happy farm, developed the somebody else fire, you own, you let people do third party, like this, who will conscientiously develop products, open > anyway.