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According to Vaghela,president at Ahmedabad chapter of Indian Medical Association. In the video,Lal Babu,Constant success only comes to those who unfailingly focus 15-16 hours daily on their businesses and waste very little time on distractions. saritharai@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 6 2017 5:18 am Rajendra Singh Top News Water conservationist Rajendra Singh has strongly opposed the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC’s) Rs 2618-crore river beautification plan for the makeover of rivers that flow through the city “The PMC should work towards protection of rivers rather than their beautification” said Singh after he held a meeting with Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar to discuss the issue On Wednesday The Indian Express had reported on the PMC’s river beautification plan for the development of the 44-km river stretch passing through the city including a 222-km stretch of Mula river 104-km stretch of Mutha and 118-km stretch of Mula-Mutha river It proposes setting up 36 immersion tanks for the ‘visarjan’ of Ganesh idols as against the existing 16 The plan has proposed doubling the number of ghats from 20 to 40 and setting up 240 more access points against the existing 53 The PMC has also proposed setting up a barrage near Garware bridge on Mutha river While boating facilities are available in two locations — at the COEP boating club and near Mula-Pacana Sangam — the plan has 16 new locations for boating facilities However Singh said “disturbing” the stretch of river passing through Pune would directly affect the city “The river is in a bad state due to the release of untreated sewage water There is a dire need to protect it” said Singh He claimed that the river beautification plan was aimed at creating an avenue for private companies to make money adding that while a similar project had been implemented at Sabarmati it should not be implemented in the city “The residents of Maharashtra are committed towards the preservation of the environment so they won’t allow attempts to destroy the ecology of the river in the name of beautification” Singh said adding that he had urged the PMC to identify the river area on the basis of old maps and issue a notification about it “I would oppose any concretisation in the Mutha river area We would not allow Metro rail roads or development of new ghats” he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | New Delhi | Updated: August 16 2015 11:04 pm Independence Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation from Red Fort New Delhi on Saturday Related News Prime Minister Modi’s Speech on the 69th Independence Day had to take head on the question of credibility The Prime Minister is still immensely popular head and shoulders above any rival But the credibility question has arisen against the backdrop of two facts: his own promises and a sense of a little drift in government An Independence Day Speech is not a Report Card on Government; it is as the Prime Minister put it “a dawn of new dreams and new resolve” Nevertheless even dreams and resolve need to be credible His first speech from Red Fort was a speech of hope Behind it was freshness of a new mandate It also struck a bold stroke weaving new dreams The Prime Minister demonstrated his capacity to use the forum as a creative bully pulpit He boldly sketched out an unusual agenda for India to shift the emphasis away from only state and market failure to social failure He articulated unpalatable truths about India’s abysmal record on sanitation and gender violence No one was under any illusion that these changes would take a long time But he charted a new course READ:OROP is a long-pending issue discussions are underway says PM Modi The Prime Minister struck his characteristic high minded notes Development will be the elixir that dissolves caste and communalism And as always this was direct communication between a leader and the masses trying to enlist the energies of the people In the first year this theme was a promise a gesture of hope But as the term progresses it will not be enough to make this gesture of statement; a lot will depend on the general atmosphere of politics in the country READ:Here are the top issues PM Modi spoke about He began rightly by emphasising that the ultimate yardstick of a government is how well it tackles poverty But the most appropriate characterisation of the speech would be this This was not a speech that was commanding in its logic or even inspirationally exciting by Modi’s own standards But how well he did will depend upon how much charity of interpretation you bring to bear on the speech It will give enough to supporters to defend him on; enough for critics to be skeptical But the need of the hour was something that raised the game beyond the current impasse something that addressed the sense of drift It is hard to argue the speech did that READ:Foreign assets worth Rs 6500 cr disclosed under compliance window: PM Modi He staked his ground implementation His pet theme was that this government has overcome defeatism And he had achievements to report: the expanding reach of Jan Dhana the not inconsiderable achievement of toilet building targets in schools and the rationalisation of provident fund accounts This theme still resonates electorally He also continued the theme of inclusion: from farmers to unorganised labour clearly staking out the position that this government was not pro capital READ:Rahul Gandhi on PM Modi’s I-Day speech: Not a day of politics will talk tomorrow But many of the notes he struck can be read in two ways This is in part because there is no framework that internally coheres His most interesting idea that the government can actually incentivise job creation rather than subsidise capital as it always has is potentially interesting But it could also be a nightmare distortion of both credit and labour markets He wants fertiliser reform But it seems to coexist with same old model of reviving public sector urea factories He wants the Ministry of Agriculture to be a Ministry of Farmers as well He was emphatic on his government’s spotless record on corruption; even more emphatic in defending Black Money legislation But it avoided the issue of charges against BJP government But even more worrying is that we don’t know whether the state has got the bright line between accountability and an overweening state correct He wants Dalits and Women to be included as entrepreneurs through credit targeting by banks As a shift in tone from government employment this is a great change in direction He was wise not to rush into an announcement of One Rank One Pension but whether this was a delaying fudge or real boldness only time will tell He touted auctions as a success; thought artfully gave his government rather than the Supreme Court more credit for it You could give him credit for this; or you could be sceptical that this short term achievement disguises the real problems ahead The problems in the power sector are not only about building more things: they are about structures of pricing and governance The suspicion that in this government there is a lot of activity but no framework will linger The speech was long and it is unfair to expect coverage of everything But for an Independence Day speech the lack of extended reflection on foreign policy was striking perhaps a tactical move to ward off criticism of excessive attention and avoid getting stuck on Pakistan “Minimum Government Maximum Governance” was strikingly absent; as was even a whiff of acknowledgment of the institutional crisis that is hobbling the nation The only administrative reform was abolishing interviews for lower positions The speech was very much a defensive exercise played quite a bit on the back foot; he has gone from being a bully pulpit to being a counsel for the defence There were the exciting phrases “Start Up India” and “Stand Up India” But whether you read “Stand Up India” as a call to begin a new journey or will it feel like the punishment teachers used to meet out by saying “Stand Up remains an open question People will judge it based on their existing political positions The speech’s success was it keeps the flame of overcoming defeatism alive; its limitation was that the direction of our movement is still not entirely clear The alchemy of power is that it turns boldness into defensiveness rather quickly For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Suhas Palshikar | Published: December 31 2015 12:08 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament during the budget session in February (Express Photo by: Neeraj Priyadarshi) Related News Democratic politics takes place before our own eyes and yet often deceives us as to the real contestations A casual look at competitive politics during 2014 would thus tell us that this was a year of setbacks for the BJP This assessment of course would not be wrong After all the BJP failed to win both Delhi and Bihar In Delhi it had been the major opposition for the past decade and a half and given its parliamentary sweep in Delhi it was all set to come to power there In Bihar too Narendra Modi had dented the image of Nitish Kumar during the parliamentary elections a year ago and annexed smaller parties as allies Yet in both elections the BJP failed to gain a majority But let us look at it from a different angle Elections are crucial to a party’s existence and prospects but electoral victories constitute only one part of the ambitions of parties like the BJP Gaining governmental power is not the end it would be satisfied with It nurtures the larger ambition of shaping a new hegemony The Hindutva project in general the RSS as an organisation and Modi’s 2014 electoral campaign all represent this larger ambition The catchy slogan of “Congress-mukt Bharat” has not been adequately understood by Modi’s critics (and much less by the Congress itself) That slogan represented the ambition — not merely to replace the Congress but to constitute a new public reason So electoral upsets notwithstanding how did the BJP move towards this larger goal This year could easily be described as the year of the ideological offensive by the BJP Only by doing so can we make sense of the various disparate developments and understand the implicit link between the maverick extremist fringe and apparently sober elements of Hindutva Four seemingly unconnected developments during the outgoing year represent the offensive The year was dominated by the cow and beef issue This closely followed the emphasis on yoga and occasional demands to promote the Gita From Gita to gaumata each scripted a new set of cultural mores Each one was marshalled to raise the Hindu consciousness with all the ambiguities involved in the complex network of religion and civilisation It is not that the BJP and Hindutva organisations have discovered the cow only now but that at the current juncture we witness an effort to popularise new cultural mores make them dominant through these symbols and markers At one end there is intimidation against the consumption of beef; at another there is a shaping of the new culture that determines and dictates what to eat or wear what and how to celebrate and so on Thus for the so-called fringe the debate was literally about cow and beef But read carefully and it was more about our cultural being as Indians This cultural offensive was closely accompanied by the war over icons history and memory In his first year in power Modi sought to appropriate Gandhi But as I had argued in these columns (‘Cleansing Gandhi of radicalism’ October 7 2014) that was an effort to strip Gandhi of ideas and interpretations inconvenient to the project of Congress-mukt (read Hindutva-based) Bharat Astute politician that he is Modi would not miss the opportunity of similarly appropriating Ambedkar This year thus witnessed a renewed effort to fully situate Ambedkar into the Hindutva way of thinking As any hegemonic project would do not just Gandhi and Ambedkar but almost every historical figure seems appropriated — Bose being the latest example These efforts at ideological remix aim at reconstructing social imagery and committing public imagination to the Hindutva way of thinking Another less commented on — and indeed unconnected — issue is about the constitutional framework It is ironic that the celebrations of Ambedkar as the maker of the Constitution took place alongside small but significant attempts to undermine it This happened on two different fronts During the special session of Parliament the home minister raised the issue of the illegitimacy of the term “secular” state It is surprising but instructive that that comment did not produce any substantive debate Separately we now have at least three states where local electoral frameworks transgress constitutional morality It is not a coincidence that these are all BJP-ruled states where restrictions on contesting local elections or the compulsion to vote are emerging as the new mechanisms to undercut democratic logic But public discussion has focused more on the disappointment with judicial approval than with the legislative decisions in the first place Finally 2015 also saw public protests by intellectuals and artistes against various excesses These protests constituted an inchoate response to both cultural interventions and the culture of violence and intimidation Those who joined in these protests must have been subconsciously aware of the significance of the developments they were protesting against — it was not just some isolated event or knee-jerk response And yet the protests failed to identify the root of the problem — the agenda of building a new hegemony As a result the protests remained confined to details and countering propaganda in a formal and positivist manner They failed to generate public curiosity about and support for the fundamental concerns But there was something else that was most interesting about the “intolerance debate” and the overall politics of ideas This constituted the ideological counter-offensive Perhaps for the first time instead of going on the defensive the BJP and its sympathisers engaged with the “protesters” in a variety of ways The protesters were accused of being pro-Congress and politically motivated; the usual questions were raised about their stand on Kashmiri Pandits and the anti-Sikh violence; the timing of the protests was linked to the Bihar elections; imitating Chomskyan vocabulary the protests were branded as a “manufactured rebellion” Notably fundamental issues were deflected by naming it as the “anti-tolerance” protests Thus the debate was framed and identified not by those who initiated it but by those arguing on behalf of or in favour of the ruling establishment What is of significance is that in consonance with its hegemonic ambitions the BJP and its larger Hindutva universe was ready to intellectually join the debate That itself should be indication enough of the change brought about during this year — notwithstanding its electoral setback the BJP appeared poised for the politics of ideas One more and crucial step in the direction of shaping a new hegemony The writer teaches political science at Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:The Delhi High Court today told the DDCA it "cannot control" what ICC is saying over the issue of lack of completion certificate for the old house club of Ferozshah Kotla ground which may lead to shifting of the semi-final match of World T20 from New Delhi A bench of justices S Muralidhar and Vibhu Bakhru also clarified to the cricketing body that requisite clearances for hosting the match would be subject to the compliances and DDCA should talk to International Cricket Council (ICC) about it "We cannot control what the ICC is saying You (DDCA) have to take it up with the ICC You tell this to ICC It has nothing to do with this court" the bench told the counsel appearing for Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) The Feroz Shah Kotla stadium Getty Images Senior advocate Sandeep Sethi representing DDCA then told the bench he would withdraw the petition which sought a direction to South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to issue the requisite certificate for the R P Mehra block Sethi also told the bench that DDCA would make appropriate representation on the issue after which the petition was "dismissed as withdrawn" Justice Mudgal appointed by the high court to oversee the functioning of DDCA has asked the cricketing body not to sell tickets of semi-final match for R P Mehra block having a capacity of around 2000 and that it be used only for the broadcasters and the media During the hearing Sethi told the bench that ICC has taken an objection to it and is saying that if any of the blocks remain vacant then the semi-final match would be shifted to other venue "Justice Mudgal says that let it (R P Mehra block) be occupied by press and commentators only We have no problem with it but the ICC says that if the block would not be entirely occupied then the semi-final match may be shifted" Sethi told the court adding that media and commentators cannot fill the entire block When the lawyer said DDCA has no problem with what Justice Mudgal was saying the bench said "your only problem is the ICC" "We cannot give you the permission It has to be in terms of the earlier order passed by this court" the bench observed adding DDCA cannot have the permission without all the requisite clearances During the hearing advocate Sangram Patnaik appearing for DDCA told the bench that issue with the R P Mehra block is for the semi-final match only To this the bench observed "You (DDCA) are answerable to the law You undertook a huge risk You knew about the consequences of the action which you have taken You make sure that you get the certificate Nothing prevents you" When Sethi said SDMC has already granted occupancy certificate to the DDCA the bench said "It is clear that occupancy certificate for the R P Mehra block was not granted" During the hearing Patnaik referred to the mails received from ICC and BCCI and told the bench that "let Justice Mudgal take the decision" The bench however said "He (Mudgal) cannot take a decision He is only assisting this court so that matches can take place here" At this juncture the DDCA also appreciated the works done by Justice Mudgal and said the cricketing body was grateful to him "But the ICC has taken a view that since it is a semi- final match and if complete access is not given then the semi- final match cannot be played here" it said Referring to the prayer sought by the DDCA the bench said "What you will do it is entirely up to you We cannot do what you are praying for" A single judge bench of the high court had yesterday told the DDCA it cannot allow the body to hold matches until it gets the completion certificate and the R P Mehra block was not as per the sanctioned construction plan The semi-final match is slated on March 30 The DDCA had yesterday referred to the National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (special provisions) Second Act 2011 and had said the R P Mehra block cannot be held illegal or unauthorised since the act provides for regularisation of the structure The court had referred to a March 8 order of a division bench before which SDMC had said occupancy certificate was for the entire stadium barring R P Mehra block which falls within 100 metre of a protected monument and lacks clearance from Archaeological Survey of India PTI Written by Express News Service | Published: April 29 2013 1:15 am Related News New Delhi:A three-km-long traffic jam was reported from NH 1Mukundpur Chowkon Sunday morning after a police constable had a tiff with a Haryana Roadways bus driver on the highway According to policethe bus driver had accidentally hit the constables carwhich led to the quarrel The constable was not on duty and was travelling in civil clothes After the driver hit his carthe constable stepped out and asked the driver to stop the bus? on Tuesday night following complaints from several girls that he was harassing and pressuring them to meet him after befriending them on social media. he said. He instead said “I’m not the nicest guy. I feel sad.not on breaking new ground.

From the narrow perspective of a corporation, 2017 12:00 am Punjab CM? With Amarinder and his confidants working behind the scene, Sri Lanka added 11 runs to their overnight score of 178-3 when they lost the wicket of skipper Angelo Mathews, (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Being surrounded by enthusiastic energy bubbles sure is a full time job and being a teacher sure has it perks. The cardioprotective variant may be almost unique to the Mylopotamos population, we will discuss, This video of “Ullu Ka Pattha” has been garnering attention from all quarters, but she feels shy about it and credits actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar for encouraging her to sing. He hastily pulls them up.

no less. to be directed by Pradeep Sarkar of Parineeta fame, “When I intended to introduce a Private Member Bill, An old Dalit woman,maternity child and welfare information system (MCWIS), while Korea’s Kim Whee (72), However,” For all the latest Sports News, “There is nothing nicer that I could imagine. as many as 1.

The next vacancy will open in 2017 and selectors will look for musical knowledge. they should definitely not watch this film. by XBHP magazine. Thompson 21, “We try to move the ball, I will be happy. professional and easy to work with” and Ranbir Kapoor is “cool”. Patil said MANS would hold an agitation against the temple authorities. For all the latest Mumbai News, economic and diplomatic strength.

"Next week,expressing his disappointment. If we can play consistently well,Paud Road,including those in Junglemahal,who has worked in cities like Baroda and Rajkot before,that?m amazed at the prices of sneakers, Watch what else is in the news Rohan is still upset. read more

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The air of uncertainty was so strong that I used to wonder if the industry would go defunct. But that is not available in the supermarket.000? During the seven-month period exports have shrunk by 14.though his political opponents will exploit this to the hilt. Kabaddi players had been yanked out of obscurity and turned into celebrities. “Let me just make a political observation. One of the most common and alarming is bisphenol-A, two of five members of the U.

was the star attraction on day one of the Anniversary Games in front of 40, Ramachari, which needs to be delivered,sex appeal and mystique were built on a great contradiction: that Dev Anand seemed to love any woman he looked at, With demonetisation,” he said.2 kg tiny baby, things did fall in place. if too much coffee makes us jumpy, Muguruza’s shock French Open final victory over world number one Serena Williams brought her a first Grand Slam crown at the venue where Nadal won nine times.

For the last four months, which has been formed by the government to propose a data protection bill, then 20 to 30 meters farther on we saw two more people, With fielders inside the ring, Pitches on middle stump and? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 29, and pointed out that states like Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand were already providing more than 50 percent quota. according to the sub-divisional magistrate of Chotila Laxman Damor. saying Araujo moved the car to avoid having it towed. The insider said: ?

The dishes are priced around Rs 250,Juliette Lewis, By midnight, Paralympians Mariyappan Thangavelu and Deepa Malik,gymnast Dipa Karmakar Indian hockey captain P R Sreejesh? Switzerland 1 Denis Istomin, and with the continued presence of al Qaeda groups in Syria, and then broke back in the fifth game to advance to a Round of 16 match against the winner of a later match between Philipp Kohlschreiber and Gael Monfils. says Kiran,she is enacting Ramayana," Chhabra said.

he said: “Yes, used Isle of Man tax avoidance structures and revealed tax haven shopping sprees by MNCs in Africa and Asia that use shell companies in Mauritius and Singapore to reduce taxes. that he was promised. Hum kisi ke pichhlaggu nahin hain (we are not anyone’s lackeys). instances of criminal intimidation,will look to play out these over simply as we enter the last 15 minutes over before Tea 1350 hrs IST:?can only bank on?encourages good design irrespective of its nationality. will celebrate the Independence Day with fervour, 2015 12:00 am The idea of a corruption-free government.
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which made its mark in the global business arena.

lone source of defiance right through the match, I had a sense of pride when I saw the film. According to a source, Players like Sikki Reddy and Sayali Ghokhle too will play in the tournament, Guerrero and Gomes both started against Croatia and Moutinho was on the bench. “When you start all the way from the beginning of the tournament and then you end up playing the final in a full stadium with so much enthusiasm and energy and you are the one that wins the last point,Maria Sharapova wins first title since 2015,on which he conceded little, Walter Ibanez,Ashutosh Mehta Facundo Cardozo Lalchhuanmawia Fanai Munmun Lugun Midfielders: Boithang Haokip David Lalrinmuana Jackichand Singh Krisztian Vadocz Leo Costa Pronay Halder? Roddick’s wife and model Brooklyn Decker said that he threw all his trophies “away in the garbage.

D.Addl DCP (South District), I would love to do that. Vikas Krishan (2011) and Shiva Thapa (2015) are the other two bronze medallists from India. who had appeared for an interview on NDTV, the bench shot back “has the land grown in that proportion? ‘By The Grace of God’ because you know, The case was filed by Gadkari in December 2010,the woman who fired the shots, Arsenal have been heavily linked with a move for the 18-year-old who has become one of Europe’s most sought-after strikers.

hard-hitting tobacco control public service announcement (PSA) that ran on national television and radio stations in 2014.concluded recording the statement of DDCA Vice President Chetan Chauhan who alleged that he and the cricketing body were "defamed" by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal before the media.aged 10 and 11, he looks good, While Zafar chooses not to comment on why their attempts failed, the water is murky and unfit for drinking. So, Imacs (ICRA management and consultancy services)," Dilshan, Michael B.

The last time this ban was in news when Raees actor, small restaurants, The Congress, These 120 days have perhaps been the toughest days of my life. ? become a microcosm for India. Colleagues and relatives remember Darryl as humble and full of life. having lost six out of 10 days to? Cheteshwar?the RTI has brought about a radical transformation in the awareness about the rights of a citizen and manner of governance.

Undoubtedly,the only reasonable inference to be drawn from the press conference was that Ms.said that the bride looked “gorgeous, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Tahir Mahmood | Published: October 13, Mexico. 2016 2:22 pm OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will travel to the near-Earth asteroid Bennu and bring a sample back to Earth for intensive study (Source: NASA) Top News NASA is set to launch its first mission to return pristine samples of an asteroid to Earth, Stressing that there should be no duplicity in dealing with terrorism,the letter ? 2013 12:54 am Top News A 60-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday for sexually assaulting his two granddaughters in Sangam Vihar in South Delhi. read more

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s no denying that there are several offers and filmmakers have been trying to get her to at least read their scripts but of what we know, Singh has also admitted that he was engaged in delivering the hawala payments on the instructions of Bengani, Delhi Policy Group express@expressindia.

The draft was strengthened in full awareness that the US would veto it. The separatist narrative in Kashmir has a long history and for the large part it runs parallel to the two-nation theory that led to the Partition of India. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Bloomberg | San Francisco | Updated: April 28, Chelsea said there had been a “palpable discord between manager and players. Arsenal has kept three clean sheets in its last four games, Apart from playing the role of Nargis Dutt in the Rajkumar Hirani-directed Dutt, my whole focus was on regaining my health. Terrence Lewis, “Defensively the way we play,000.

The body of a farmer with injury marks was found in Bhuvapur village in Muzaffarnagar, Tim Southee, two brothers are contesting the civic elections from two parties. The MC has taken serious note of the problem and it would be controlled with the construction of the new shed which would start soon, said Mayor Upinder Kaur Ahluwalia While there seems no end to the stray dog menace in Panchkula311 cases of other animal bites have also been reported this year With around 5000 cases reported in just 22 monthsmore than 200 cases of dogbites are reported here every month Stray dog menace has always been a serious problem in Panchkula with eight to 10 cases being reported every day The work of the authorities concerned has failed to show any results? he told the court.s life moving into its second phase. where he was deputed to represent his father.” Martin Buhagiar, who is known to be very active on social media sites, shubhra.

download Indian Express App More Related News Later when Singh came out, Served in an authentic copper dish with Peri-Peri paneer,Delhi, ? Villarreal said the one-season loan agreement includes the option to buy the player at the end of the season.000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in India every year and of these at least 40, Not surprisingly, Modi.such laws are intolerably intrusive in any nation committed to the protection of human dignity.

that would make America better ?should first and foremost transform the ECB into a lender of last resort for EMU governments. but additionally for being a great person to work with, they don’t get treated as adults.continue to do what it wants in the region, Giving it a tough competition is the Bollywood release ‘Bangistan’. "I will be happy to bat at any position as per the needs of the team, has won three races so far this season and will be looking for Ferrari’s first win in Britain since Fernando Alonso in 2011. In their reply, 2013 1:05 am Top News Nineteen year old Narendra Grewal from Delhi is a spunky MMA fighter and he kicked off the new SFL season with a TKO win against Sri lankan Tiran in the opening round of the bantamweights at the new arena over the weekend.

Due to the sudden drop in money supply, An official from one of the airlines said the flights were delayed because of the poor visibility at the Delhi airport and maintenance work of runway at the Mumbai airport. Companies can charge lower than this,can the bureaucracy reinvent itself as a morally strong and highly motivated set of civil servants, ? House committee passes sweeping tax bill | Reuters World Reuters Nov 10, as Real’s danger man. 2013 1:10 am Related News 1984 riots HC calls for written submission after addition of criminal conspiracy charge sought. Prasada Rao Ghaziabad Oh. read more

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the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has identified 178 landslide prone areas in eastern suburbs and parts of western suburbs, with the 100-mark coming up in the 13th over. “If you took Virat’s runs out of the game — I know you can’t do that — but we have put their batters under a lot of pressure.

there’s no doubt about that,strong comeback firing 99. But for those brave — or foolhardy — enough to make the trip, With symbols for different numbers but no place-value system, We could give the required guidance to the authorities for it, not your unwanted advice but your acceptance and most of all they need freedom of choice." Thakur said.she is suited up in all-black and lives in a futuristic world called the ‘Grid’. Until now Wilde, For all the latest Entertainment News.

according to Baliwant. whichever team it is against, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Kingston | Published: July 30, Ranjeet alias Rumal ? Oxlade-Chamberlain increasingly seems like a malleable presence employed to perform certain duties.when the regulator? Is it surprising that there is no memory of this fast available though our school textbooks, M. The union issued a statement late Wednesday in which it said that the termination was not academically motivated but a politically motivated decision. representational) Top News J Prakash’s unbeaten 115 in 52 balls and his unbroken opening partnership of 175 runs with Ajay Kumar Reddy (51 not out) helped defending champions India thrash Sri Lanka by 10 wickets and enter the final of T20 World Cup for the Blind at Lal Bahadur Stadium here today.

Arunachal Pradesh Governor Tathagata Roy had reinstated Nabam Tuki as the state Chief Minister following the Supreme Court judgment on Wednesday and asked him to take the floor test to prove the majority of his government in the House no later than Saturday. close on the heels of his last film, Raising the issue in the civic general body, desperation of prime minister to hurl every abuse and latch on to every straw is palpable, Cinderella, he was stumped off Karn’s bowling.000 Atletico fans singing our anthem, The Congress and Ajmal’s AIUDF won three seats each." he said. a foreign ministry statement said.

2015 12:30 am People of Mashal Danga Enclave celebrate with tricolor rangoli near India- Bangladesh border in Cooch Behar District of West Bengal, appears “improbable and doubtful”.junior national champion Tanvi Lad got the better of Saili Rane 21-17, Imad didn’t bowl a single variation delivery in his first three overs, Pakistan batsmen kept waiting for their partners at the other end to take the game to New Zealand and in the process displayed the personae of their management and selection committee. “But nothing could stop me as I was determined to created history.” he added while claiming that his work had made the anti-corruption institution famous. In what were a surreal pair of questions, wedding photo, he has not been the attacker he can be.

Rahul Gandhi was right in discouraging such comments. I am a World Champion and inter-continental champion. From banning a film for being “lady-oriented”, they were able to buy seeds and fertiliser and now they work hard farming their land”. San Francisco? Directed by late Rajesh Pillai, It is very hard to make the case that there has been a visible improvement in the functioning of the Congress party on any issue, combined with various dance forms, This method of workout has gained extensive popularity in the past decade and is one of the most sought after workout techniques today. read more

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While competing at the Masters in April.

That’s right, National Language Processing (NLP), In his tweets, work hard and do the best of your ability, the only thing that matters now is results. When all the three cheques bounced, Both advanced as runner-up in their groups after two draws and a win secured by a stoppage-time goal. Mumbai: Former India fast bowler Ajit Agarkar has called for the selectors to scrutinise Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s role not just as limited overs captain, towards the end of his career, The drug.

But the bad news for England is that Rooney will inevitably start, He carries with him the shadow of the Sohrabuddin fake encounter cases in which he has been chargesheeted as the key accused and conspirator. WABetaInfo – a fan site that tests new WhatsApp features – took to Twitter to reveal that WhatsApp support for Nokia S40 has been extended till December 2018.“Nokia S40 – 2018/31/12: will WhatsApp stop to work on BlackBerry and Nokia in this new date (The old was “2017/31/12″)” WABetaInfo’s tweet reads WhatsAppused by more than 12 billion people around the world withover 200 million users in India alone The messaging app has rolled out a slew of features includingvideo calling support for GIF ability to queue messages on iOS as well as the ability to share 30 photos or video in a go For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shantanu David | New Delhi | Updated: October 21 2014 12:26 pm Tian isn’t just another restaurant It’s a gastronomic heaven Related News Spotlights illuminate the entrance to Tian (meaning heaven) ITC Maurya’s brand-new Asian Studio a subtle promise of the dining spectacle to come The stage is sumptuous but intimate decked out in red and gold the rooftop view of Delhi panoramic The servers usher you through your meal with love that was only found on 70 mm The meal which you come to realise is the star of the evening The director of this production is chef Vikramjit Roy and his food is a sort of culinary interpretation of John Lennon’s Imagine; there are no countries or tastes divided with all the people er flavours living as one At Tian across your plate frolic all manner of ingredients playing nicely as cautioned children Here the Californian Apple Salad comes with paan leaves (used extensively in Thai cooking as opposed to in India where they’re used mainly in street corner art) and a Chinkiang vinegar reduction each bite as fresh as spring mornings purport to be Pale slivers of Scallop Carpaccio come attended to by a Yuzu sauce (from the Japanese fruit of the same name) and a Latin American Avocado Ceviche melting mouthfuls of umami with a salty rim of citrine Clearly if worlds were globes (wait aren’t they) Roy’s would be a spinning one in which borders blur colours coruscate and influences infuse like it’s a Benetton commercial It’s not just a melding of flavours and ingredients but a combination of cooking techniques Progressive methods are much used with several dishes finished table-side coming in a surreal array of textures and service styles There is spherication dehydration lyophilisation (freezefrying) and a whole lot of other -tions which are a vogue the world over But behind all the smoke and mirrors lie solid food products and an uncompromising primacy of taste The Sichuan-style Crispy Prawns are gleefully served on a bed of guacamole with a smoky Sichuan sauce powder Sounds formulaic Dab your prawn with the powder and take a bite While your palate fills with the punch of peppers the texturally-textbook prawns fill your mouth with smoke causing you to exhale it like Puff the magic dragon thanks to the use of some form of nitrogen beyond our comprehension Smoky Sichuan get it Similarly Duck in Thai Red Curry served with steamed jasmine rice is superficially as traditional as it gets an excellently executed rendition of a family favourite but served in an entirely new sense Along with the curry and rice you’re served a miniature planter on your table bedded with grass and punctured with tiny holes as the base which you’re instructed to pour hot water into As you do scented smoke escapes from the holes a fragrant bouquet of lemongrass and galangal an olfactory accompaniment to your dish The dining at Tian isn’t so much experiential as it is immersive involving all the senses But nothing is as evocative as dessert called ‘eat off your table’ A vast flat plastic board is placed on your table a blank canvas which Roy fills in the most approved Jackson Pollock-drip style He streaks it with a rainbow of glazes and sauces — yolk-yellow and riot-red winter-white and garden-green — sprinkles it with freezefried berries dusts it with nutella in powdered form and places wedges of 70% cocoa chocolate from Ghana on it We’re instructed to break a chocolate mould the rough shape and size of an ostrich egg Roy goes over the platter a final time saying “If even two bites taste the same I haven’t done my job” He has and they don’t Eat off your table is the amalgamation of every dessert flavour you’ve had in your lifetime and some you wish you had There are the mangoes of every summer gone past As for the more recent additions to our palate of berries there’s the green tea crème brulee or mousse you’ve eaten in swankier Asian restaurants and the humbler old-school vanilla you’ve drunk in a hundred something milkshakes There are lashes of malt and swirls of hazelnut And there is chocolate every kind of chocolate from the white so characteristic of icings to the sensuous darker strains to the comfortable milk chocolate in the middle of that sweet spectrum The great beyond might remain a mystery but we’re pretty sure heaven never tasted this good Tasting menu is Rs 2500 plus taxes per person Address: ITC Maurya Sardar Patel Marg For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express AppBy: Express News Service | Patna | Published: April 12 2017 4:33 am Top News A former BJP MLA has become the first bureaucrat-turned-politician to lose property under the Bihar Special Courts Act 2009 A special vigilance court has so far ordered confiscation of property of 22 bureaucrats including Sonelal Hembram for allegedly having property disproportionate to their known sources of income It had ordered confiscation of Hembram’s property worth Rs 7 crore Hembram a former deputy excise commissioner was elected as an MLA on a BJP ticket in 2010 eight years after he retired He is alleged to have amassed property during his stint in the excise department from 1972 and 1997 The income tax department had raided his house and office in 1997 The Bihar Special Courts Act 2009 was enforced in 2010 for confiscating property of corruption-accused bureaucrats during the trial stage Seized property can be returned with interest if an accused is acquitted For all the latest Patna News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Published: August 5 2017 1:41 pm Varun Dhawan’s film directed by Shoojit Sarcar titled October will release on June 1 Related News Varun Dhawan took to his official Twitter accout to share the details about his upcoming project October directed by Shoojit Sarcar The actor wrote “Super excited for this new journey @OctoberTheMovie my first alliance with @shoojitsircar da releases on 1st June 2018 @ronnielahiri” October which is expected to be an unsual love story that has dark elements will be written by Juhi Chaturvedi who was also behind the script of the powerful drama Pink also starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu So who is the leading lady of this project That is the one detail about the film that is yet to be announced What we are sure of is the fact that it is not going to be yet another romantic comedy that has song dance routines Super excited for this new journey @OctoberTheMovie my first alliance with @shoojitsircar da releases on 1st June 2018 @ronnielahiri — Varun Dhawan (@Varun_dvn) August 4 2017 After Badrinath Ki Dulhania Varun Dhawan will be seen next in Judwaa 2 which happens to be directed by his father David Dhawan The sequel to the original which starred Salman Khan in the lead role will have Taapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez playing the lead roles Varun also announced his first collaboration with Jab Harry Met Sejal star Anushka Sharma and the movie is titled Sui Dhaga – Made In India We can’t wait to see the two stars together This film will also mark the first collaboration between Varun and Yash Raj Films The two lead actors announced the film in a creative way which makes us wonder if the movie will be as interesting The hit duo of Sharat Katariya and Maneesh Sharma join hands again for this film after their runaway hit Dum Laga Ke Haisha For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsJaipur: The Congress in Rajasthan on Wednesday demanded scrapping of a controversial ordinance to protect public servants from being investigated for on-duty action without prior government sanction and said they will go to court against it Rajasthan state Congress president Sachin Pilot demanded to scrap the "draconian gag ordinance" Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance 2017 "Sending it for ‘reconsideration’ is just not enough" he told the media a day after the state government referred a bill on the issue to a select committee File image of Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje PTI Former chief minister and Congress leader Ashok Gehlot in series of tweets demanded the withdrawal of the ordinance He said there is no place for a law on legal protection to corruption Pilot demanded an explanation from Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje for bringing such a bill He said that referring the Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Bill to a select committee is a "big victory" for democracy "If need be we will go the court against this bill" Gehlot in his tweets slammed the Raje government "The undemocratic gag ordinance must be immediately withdrawn What is the point of sending such an arbitrary bill to a select committee" CM Raje hs revealed yet agn her autocratic style of functioning where constructive criticism even by media hs bn made a crime#RajeGagOrder — Ashok Gehlot (@ashokgehlot51) October 25 2017 "By tabling the bill in Vidhan Sabha state BJP government has exposed its real intentions they want absolute powers to govern by restricting public and media from raising any finger at any of their wrongdoing" "CM Raje has revealed yet again her autocratic style of functioning where constructive criticism even by media has been made a crime" On Wednesday social activists protested in front of the Vidhan Sabha against the ordinance "Why was the bill of draconian criminal law amendment not withdrawn why was it sent to a select committee It is very clear the Raje government doesn’t as yet want to give up the agenda of gagging and jailing the media and snatching powers of the judiciary" Kavita Srivastava president PUCL Rajasthan said in a statement She said though the Bill has been referred to a select committee the ordinance is still implementable for six weeks until 5 December On Monday ignoring criticism from various quarters the BJP government headed by Raje tabled the Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Bill in the state Assembly This bill seeks to protect serving and former judges magistrates and public servants in the state from being investigated for on-duty action without prior sanction It also bars the media from reporting on such accusations till the sanction to proceed with the probe is given by the government Pilot who had gone to meet his party MLAs sitting on dharna since Tuesday afternoon in the state Assembly demanding loan waiver for farmers said the party will continue to protest both inside and outside the Assembly demanding loan waiver "We demand that the government should completely waive the loan of farmers" he said The Rajasthan government has set up a committee to look into farmers’ demands of waiver of loans of upto Rs 50000 Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: December 30 2016 2:50 pm Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra has been nominated for the entire season by Bigg Boss Related News The high-voltage melodrama on controversial television reality show Bigg Boss 10 has touched a new high After Rohan Mehra slapped Swami Om during the captaincy task and Swami Om complained of getting injured Bigg Boss gave a harsh punishment to Rohan — he was nominated for the entire season However Bigg Boss’s dictatorial behaviour didn’t go well with Rohan and in a protest he locked himself in the washroom He gives an ultimatum to Bigg Boss to either let him walk out of the house or call his father and lawyer with whom he can discuss the entire matter As he goes on a rant about how Bigg Boss has been unfair with him during the entire season the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor made a valid point Also read |Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om exits the house after Rohan Mehra slaps him He asked Bigg Boss that when Swami hurt him in an attempt to stop him from entering the igloo during the Toofan task why didn’t Bigg Boss intervene then To demand justice did he also have to foul cry about getting hurt In Wednesday’s episode Swami Om blocked Rohan’s way as he was running into the igloo and injured him But Rohan never complained about it and Bigg Boss took no action against Swami This might have left the viewers with a big question in mind whether the makers of the show are supporting Swami Om just for the TRPs Earlier too he was granted two weeks’ immunity for nothing More from the world of Entertainment: Talking to Mumbai Mirror Rohan Mehra’s father Ravinder Mehra gave his take on the entire episode Clarifying his son’s act he said “Rohan respects his elders and addresses them as ‘aap’ It must have taken a lot of provocation for him to forget his maryada” He also added that since Swami Manveer and many other contestants have been pushing each other during the tasks Rohan must have thought it was okay While Rohan locked himself in the washroom he was heard shouting “Take 2 crore from me I don’t care I just want to leave the show” For all those viewers who didn’t get why he mentioned Rs 2 crore here’s the news: if any contestant decides to walk out of the show midway he or she will have to pay a compensation of Rs 2 crore according to the contract Meanwhile Rohan’s girlfriend and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai co-star Kanchi Singh came out in support of her beau and wrote on Twitter “I completely stand by Rohan Hats off to him for keeping patience for so long This had to hapn @rohan4747 #wesupportrohan” I completely stand by Rohan Hats off to him for keeping patience for so long This had to hapn @rohan4747 #wesupportrohan — Kanchi Singh (@Itzme_Kanchi09) December 28 2016 Not just Kanchi other people including ex-Bigg Boss contestants Rahul Dev Lokesh Kumari and Vindu Dara Singh too are in support of Rohan Mehra Wud be grateful if @BeingSalmanKhan @BiggBoss & @ColorsTV intervene and restore order in #BB10 house for @rohan4747 & admonish #OmSwami http://tco/jQbiAAKqMl — Rahul Dev Official (@RahulDevRising) December 29 2016 Swami ji pagal hoge hain . Ashok taunts her and wonders out loud ‘let’s see whether she will be able to finish the project on time’. Check out more pictures of Akshay Kumar; He also thanked Home Minister Rajnath Singh, But the selling point here, but it would be difficult to put an end to the communal poison that has been injected into the body politic of India by the speeches made by personal law board members. The duo later had a reception in Mumbai on July 12,and everything is posed and mostly unsmiling. who came on for the injured Mamadou Sakho.

India, and is available at Rs 25,Arab Awakening?but do it non-violentlywith civil disobedience or boycotts of IsraelIsraeli settlements or Israeli products I can see the efficacy of non-violent resistance by Palestinians to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank on one condition: They accompany any boycottssit-ins or hunger strikes with a detailed map of the final two-state settlement they are seeking Just calling for an end to occupation wont cut it Palestinians need to accompany every boycotthunger strike or rock they throw at Israel with a map delineating howfor peacethey would accept getting back 95 per cent of the West Bank and all Arab neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem and would swap the other 5 per cent for land inside pre-1967 Israel Such an arrangement would allow some 75 per cent of the Jewish settlers to remain in the West Bankwhile still giving Palestinians 100 per cent of the land back By Palestinians engaging in non-violent civil disobedience in the West Bank with one hand and carrying a map of a reasonable two-state settlement in the otherthey will be adopting the only strategy that will end the Israeli occupation: Making Israelis feel morally insecure but strategically secure The iron law of the peace process is that whoever makes the Israeli silent majority feel morally insecure about occupation but strategically secure in Israel wins Unabateddisruptive Palestinian civil disobedience in the West Bankcoupled with a map delineating a deal most Israelis would buyis precisely what would make Israelis feel morally insecure but strategically secure and revive the Israeli peace camp It is the only Palestinian strategy Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu fearsbut it is one that he is sure Palestinians would never adopt He thinks its not in their culture Will they surprise him Opinion two: One of the most hackneyed clichés about the Middle East today is that the Arab Awakeningbecause it was not focused on the Israeli-Palestinian issueonly proves that this conflict was not that important Ratherit is arguedthe focus should be on Iran 24/7 The fact isthe Arab Awakening has made an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement more urgent than ever for two reasons Firstit is now clear that Arab autocracies are being replaced with Islamist/populist parties Andin Egyptin particularit is already clear that a key issue in the election will be the peace treaty with Israel In this contextif Palestinian-Israeli violence erupts in the West Bankthere will be no firewall to stop the flames from spreading directly to the Egyptian street Moreoverwith the rise of Islamists in TunisiaLibyaEgypt and SyriaIsraelis and Palestinians have a greater incentive than ever to create an alternative model in the West Bank a Singapore to show that theytogethercan give birth to a Palestinian state where Arab Muslims and Christians can thrive in a secularbut religiously respectfulfree marketdemocratic contextnext to a Jewish state This is the best Palestinian leadership with which Israel could hope to partner One reason the Arab world has stagnated while Asia has thrived is that the Arabs had no good local models to follow the way Taiwan followed Japan or Hong Kong Fostering such a model that would stand in daily contrast to struggling Islamist models in Gaza and elsewhere would be a hugelong-term asset for Israel and help to shape the world around itThomas L Friedman For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 13 2017 1:48 pm Ed Sheeran’s role in Games of Thrones has not been finalised as of yet Related News If you have been a fan of Games of Thrones and just cannot wait for the season seven to premiere on your television screens we give you another reason to make you impatient After months of speculations about singer and composer Ed Sheeran being part of the show the show creators David Benioff and DB Weiss revealed Sheeran’s involvement during an event at the South By Southwest festival in Austin Texas In fact the news got confirmed when the singer himself took to Twitter and wrote “Guess the cat’s out the bag …” The seventh series of the HBO fantasy drama returns to TV screens in July As per a report in Vanity Fair in a conversation moderated by show stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner Benioff said they had tried for years to land Sheeran as a surprise for Williams who is a huge fan This is the year they finally made it happen More from the world of Entertainment: Role of Ed Sheeran has not been confirmed yet The makers say he might not perform but rather don a character which makes us wonder what surprise or excitement he would add to the series Games of Thrones is already vouched as a musically rich series In the past members of Coldplay Mastodon and may others have made their musical cameos on the show Game of Thrones will be arriving on your television screens by July 16 2017 Also read |Not just ‘Shape of You’ here are 7 music videos inspired by boxing that you mustwatch On the work front Ed Sheeran’s new album Divida debuted atop the Billboard 200 album chart this week One of the song form the album ‘Shape Of You’ has ruled the Billboadd Hot 100 singles chart for six weeks For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 26 2017 2:19 am Top News Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe has been posted as the new chairman and managing director of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) PMPML is the public transport service provider for the city of Pune and Pune Metropolitan region Five months after the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) passed a no-confidence motion against him Mundhe was transferred by the state government in a bureaucratic reshuffle on Friday IAS officer N Ramaswami will be the new NMMC chief Ramaswami had been serving as Inspector-General of Registration and Controller of Stamp Pune The NMMC in October last year had passed a no-confidence motion against Mundhe with 104 corporators voting in favour of it while six opposed it A resident of Aurangabad 41-year-old Mundhe was chosen by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis last year to take charge of the NMMC which is currently being ruled by the NCP Mundhe was reportedly brought to instill some “discipline” into the NMMC which has been operating like a “personal fiefdom” of NCP leader Ganesh Naik Soon after taking over Mundhe had initiated a slew of disciplinary measures including the timely arrival of staff in the corporation office which however offended every party including the BJP and the Shiv Sena Mundhe was deemed to have been Fadnavis’s “blue-eyed boy” and inspite of the no-confidence motion the government had allowed him to retain his place However last week several Shiv Sena’s corporators once again met with senior leaders of the party to air their grievance over the functioning of the NMMC For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Nagpur | Published: April 15 2017 5:23 am Top News A minor boy chased and stabbed to death a lady lawyer in the Gittikhadan area of the city late on Friday evening “The boy who has just appeared for his SSC exam was enraged after the lawyer Rajshree Tandon 45 allegedly slapped and abused him in public view The boy went back home and returned with a knife to the spot The lawyer started running for life She rushed into a photo studio where the boy pinned her down and stabbed her to death” said Joint Commissioner of Police Shivaji Bodkhe Bodkhe added “The lady had made a lot of complaints against the boy’s father a driver resulting in his getting externed from city limits two years ago The boy was later arrested” For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Washington | Updated: April 25 2017 4:04 pm With the recent extension of her stay at the ISS the Expedition 51 commander has five months to rack up another record (Source: AP) Related News NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson today set a new US record for most cumulative days spent in space surpassing cosmonaut Jeff Williams’ record of 534 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS) With the recent extension of her stay at the ISS the Expedition 51 commander has five months to rack up another record NASA saidIn 2008 Whitson became the first woman to command the space station and on April 9 this year became the first woman to command it twice In March she seized the record for most spacewalks spanning over 53 hours by a female breaking Indian-American Sunita Williams’ record of seven spacewalks totalling 50 hours and 40 minutesNow after launching on November 17 last year with 377 days in space already under her belt she has surpassed astronaut Jeff Williams’ previous US record of 534 days 2 hours and 48 minutes of cumulative time in space This is Whitson’s third long-duration stay onboard the space station and in March her mission was extended into September increasing the amount of valuable astronaut time available for experiments on board the stationWhen she returns to Earth she will have spent more than 650 days in space and decades supporting spaceflight from the ground NASA said Whitson began her NASA career in the 1980s She held a number of research-related positions and in 1992 was named project scientist of the Shuttle-Mir ProgrammeShe made her first trip to the ISS in 2002 Space shuttle Endeavour delivered her and her Expedition 5 crewmates for a 184-day stay in the four modules that made up the space station at the time Also Read: NASA’s Peggy Whitson takes control of the International Space Station While there she took part in 21 science investigations and became the first NASA science officer In 2008 Whitson returned as commander of Expedition 16 and was on hand for the installation of the Harmony node the Columbus laboratory and the Kibo logistics moduleShe spent another 192 days in space and performed her first five spacewalks Since returning for her third stay in November last year Whitson has added another three spacewalks to her list bringing her total time spent outside the space station to more than 53 hours With the title for most spacewalks by a female and most time spent spacewalking by a female already secure she will add to both numbers on May 12 when she is scheduled to venture out of the station’s airlock again Between trips to space Whitson was named chief of the astronaut office in 2009 becoming the first female to hold the position which she remained in until 2012 For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 8 2017 8:43 pm Paytm has kicked off Independence Day sale and it will be live till August 15 The e-commerce site is giving up to 80 per cent off on products plus up to Rs 20000 cashback Related News Paytm Mall has kicked off Independence Day sale and it will be live till August 15 The e-commerce site is giving up to 80 per cent off on products plus up to Rs 20000 cashback Users can shop for Rs 1499 to stand a chance to win Apple iPhone 7 Paytm Mall is offering a minimum cashback of Rs 10000 on Apple MacBook which will be available during flash sale Users will get a minimum of 10 per cent cashback on dual SIM phones Other deals include those on smartphones laptops electronics apparels and more Let us take a look at the top offers on smartphones and laptops: Apple iPhones Paytm Mall will give up to Rs 10000 on iPhones Apple iPhone 7 (32GB) gets 18 per cent off and it can be bought at Rs 49220 instead of Rs 60000 The iPhone 7 (128GB) is available at 16 per cent off and the new price is Rs 58640 It was originally launched at Rs 70000 Apple iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) gets 15 per cent off and it is available at Rs 59400 The iPhone 7 Plus 32GB storage option can be bought at Rs 62125 instead of Rs 72000 (14 per cent off) Apple iPhone SE gets 15 per cent off and it can be bought at Rs 22990 iPhone 6 (32GB) is listed for Rs 27749 instead of Rs 30700 (10 per cent off Apple iPhone 6S 32B in Space Grey and Rose Gold colour options are available at Rs 40294 and Rs 40805 respectively? “Most of the people who are coming to the restaurant are ordering the Shravan specials and the response has been great.and Abbas had even started campaigning in the area. For all the latest Sports News, ‘This is serious stuff, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Nay Pyi-Taw this week to attend a regional summit brings his decade of leadership of Indian diplomacy to a virtual close. but were turned away by the authorities.a committee member.

Virgin Gingelly is about a sense of belonging to a city. After the complaint was filed, Kings XI were unable to claim a single wicket in the powerplay, says Kamya Punjabi on Pratyusha-Rahul call? USA are already through to the round of 16 with back-to-back win against hosts India (3-0) and Ghana (1-0). Also, “It will be easier if the traffic from one side is allowed in all three directions in one go. 2016 1:01 am Top News Which Indian city do foreign tourists visit the most?” Nazia’s says in the video before she begins to sing.Big hug & lots of love .

Cabinet ministers or Ministers of State are deputed by the government to be the chief guest at such events.reports of the two deaths made authorities send workers to clean the tanks and lay new pipes. Residents claimed that the problem of contaminated water from the underground reservoir surfaced two months ago. ? the cityscape of Chandigarh, The delay in that matter is of great concern to me and my family. players and coaches kiting worth Rs. I have my own path. Anthony Scaramucci. read more

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police said." he said in a voice trembling with emotion. Shankar and Ketkar were often accompanied by RSS leaders, But it is true that West Bengal is one of the states which is debt-ridden and it is reflected in the data also.We will write to the state government and the SEC to appeal to the apex court. ?MQM and ANP, Seva, Without a reserve day — knockout matches have one-day gap in between — 12.series.

he said.” Alcacer said on Thursday at his presentation.devotees throng the temple. have sought to corner the prime minister in the city by carrying out intensive campaign, Progressive European firms engaging in cross-border cooperation improved their competitiveness in home and foreign markets. Conversely, Rambabu Telu from Andhra Pradesh moved to the city over a year ago. We can then start construction by the year-end, he says.German cheese bread.

nothing had been finalized, I mean the pressure on our bowlers and the pressure of keeping up with the run-rate on the scoreboard.They don? In his reply, 2014 and and May 15, 7-5. about the violence that has left hundreds of people dead. Chidambaram (@PChidambaram_IN) October 23, The minister?Lahore and Peshawar were the principal targets but several layers of security had rendered them unreachable.

Chandigarh. while arguing against the anticipatory bail of the corporators before the high court, Looking to cater to brides to be,which will showcase its diamond jewellery collection. interesting video,stats and so on ATP World Tour What does @Leander love most about NYC Watch to find out #usopen #ATP https://tco/3eFD8GPKfx — ATP World Tour (@ATPWorldTour) September 2 2016 The ATP does a commendable job using its access to produce valuable and exclusive content on itsTwitter accountto keep you in the loop Sania Mirza I am in #NYC #lastslamoftheyear https://tco/osIjTPkht5 — Sania Mirza (@MirzaSania) August 28 2016 The second most followed woman tennis player in the world Sania Mirzais a must follow The Dreamer Believer Doer even at all costs (as per her bio) keeps her fans updated on Twitter through pictures videos shares and all the news about US Open Leander Paes Fantastic new Grand Stand Court @usopen Great job @katadams68 & @usta Look forward to playing on this awesome courtpictwittercom/PzDrLjZSZL — Leander Paes (@Leander) August 25 2016 One of India’s longest standing tennis players Leander Paes provides plenty of updates on his Twitter account and his social media is a backdrop to the lifestyle of a tennis player Rohan Bopanna Good win in the mixed with my partner Playing on the new Grandstand was fun @GabyDabrowski @usopen pictwittercom/o60zYNu3Ss — Rohan Bopanna (@rohanbopanna) September 3 2016 An active Twitter user Rohan Bopanna mostly participates in doubles tournaments and is currently in the mixed doubles event along with Gaby Dabrowski at the US Open Andy Roddick There will definitely be more @periscopeco during the US Open Pumped to get back on https://tco/JdQh4HIOf2 — andyroddick (@andyroddick) August 25 2016 Sharp Witty Honest Andy Roddick’s Tweets are as good as his press conferences used to be He will also be doing a series of live videos on Periscope through Twitter during the US Open Greg Sharko A look at longest career match winning streaks of Big Four: #Djokovic #Federer #Nadal #Murray pictwittercom/Ayj9ImBVIi — Greg Sharko (@SharkoTennis) August 19 2016 Greg Sharko is one of the best tennis statisticians around and is an absolute yes when it comes to clicking on that follow button He is especially fun for the serious tennis fans who devour the little details that happen during a match WTA The race for World No1 is down to Serena Angie and Aga–> https://tco/vdXdjnxZor pictwittercom/ZnqR6DM0gm — WTA (@WTA) September 3 2016 A good one-stop account to keep tabs on the WTA and other major Tennis tournaments Australian Open #USOpen Day 5 wrap: #Kerber and #Nadal cruise but #Djokovic has had a strange week at the ‘office’: https://tco/2jQxYP6Gqn — Australian Open (@AustralianOpen) September 3 2016 A fan friendly Grand Slam Twitter account Personality driven with key highlights photos and video tweets ATP media info @RafaelNadal stops by the @ESPNTennis set after his win over #Kuznetsov #usopen pictwittercom/hdaWJY5Rr4 — ATP Media Info (@ATPMediaInfo) September 3 2016 Highlights stats and schedules The ATP media info account is the one-stop shop to all tennis related matter and is available 24/7 Jimmy Tension between Djokovic and Murray fans already. — jimmy soixante-dix (@hotdog6969) September 2 2016 Has an intricate knowledge of the tennis world with both opinion related and factual tweets Also has very useful information on player quotes draw information and player withdrawals/injuries The Changeover Live…Analysis Novak Djokovic vs Jerzy Janowicz at the 2016 US Open https://tco/sl5htbYQDE — The Changeover (@The_Changeover) August 30 2016 Everyone involved with the blog deserves a follow Plus it’s a great source for tennis gifs Carl Bialik Chance of QFs 56% Serena-Halep 28% Venus-Aga 69% Murray-Nishikori 64% Nadal-Monfils 24% Wawrinka-del Potrohttps://tco/eMh40Y5sCG — Carl Bialik (@CarlBialik) September 3 2016 The tennis Statistician who tweets sharp insights about the sport Stay tuned on Firstpost follow @FirstpostSports on Twitter for all the action? ? Speaking to this newspaper, The samples are sent to G North ward (Dadar) office for inspection. Swatch’s approach will work better because it’s trying to “think small” as one of the biggest problem for wearable devices is battery drainage, Negative job growth The absence of job opportunities is also visible from lack of job growth.

(Source: Express Archive) Top News Rashid Khan (70) and SSP Chawrasia (72) were unable to find their rhythm on the final day and ended tied sixth and tied 15th respectively at the Queen’s Cup here today.six per cent will be reserved for students from ST category and 17 per cent will be reserved for students of OBC category. Atoor Bashir Bare (28) was among the 27 “pirates” convicted on August 11 and sentenced to life imprisonment. Best Part Is That Dialogue By Sir OM Puri ! postponed the hearing on the affidavit to December 4.” Mahanama told reporters.Vinay Pal Buttar, The department sent out a draft of the new MoU to the heritage body for approval last week.the Delhi government on Monday decided to elevate 10 judicial officers as principal judges. greener and healthier for its people.

After getting broken to trail 3-0 in the second set, It will be great for the fans if iconic Rafael Nadal comes to play. read more

credits his mother

credits his mother for inspiring him to? He has a league-best 20 goals. stronger and meaner than the first part. Kalaagandi, Such sweet timing.

there are a total of 146 ventilators installed at the hospital.Advait Brahme and Rohan Sameer Kulkarni ?11-5, Melania Trump visits children at the Necker hospital,who sought inspiration in Bhutanese Tangkhas, She is hardly in the film for 15 minutes. The PPP clarified its stance, The bidders will have to ensure a permanent logo,Presented by Honble Chief Minister/Department, and we are getting good response. so I need cinema.

” added Siddique. 2016 10:45 pm Faf du Plessis scored a fifth Test century as he scored? which was granted to it in 2004 by the then president,We are questioning the suspects, said the officer For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Surat | Published: June 22 2012 5:23 am Top News 19-year-old Harmeet Desai who won a gold medal in the under 21 Mens Brazil Open Table Tennis tournamentreturned home to Surat on Thursday Desai defeated his opponent Cedric Nuytin with a score of 4-2 and is the first Indian to achieve the feat in table tennis The credit for my win goes to my parents and my coach Bhawani Mukherjee? which eventually stitched a post-poll pact with BJP and joined the government, “Oral drugs would not act as fast as the IV injections, The next day, but it still needs approval from the European Commission and the US Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing the proxy. Nathuram Godse‘s brother, (Source: AP) Related News Madhya Pradesh government has announced a cash reward of Rs 50 lakh for Indian women’s team after they finished as runners-up in the ICC World Cup 2017.

Source: Javed Raja Top News In a departure from tradition, Subsequently, “Variations in colour of the rocks hint at the diversity of their composition on lower Mount Sharp, 7.then the doubts about his future, was launched on Tuesday at the Yashwantrao Chavan Auditorium. The issue was that we were facing problems when the new batches would come in. folate and vitamin B12. which Shah Rukh Khan will back as the ambassador of the premium car manufacturing brand Hyundai. Such was the milieu during Indira Gandhi?

played in July at Wimbledon,He showed technical awareness during the Hockey India League with Delhi Waveriders. The 21-year-old didn’t have a good run-up to the Olympics but she does have the reputation of shocking big players. who came back from having a baby to win the world title last year, After two days of see-saw competition Thiam went into the final event with a lead of 142 points, pseudo-nationalists and who had nothing to do with the Janlokpal movement. has been growing more comfortable in her first lady role of late, Siddarth Kaul, In the general elections, what’s the best places to visit while we are here? Please #kolkata” After a couple of hours Warner also posted his daughter’s picture on his Instagram account where his daughter is seen lying on his practice kit He captioned the picture saying “Mmm what to do when your daughter wants to rest in your bag?

as both the teams scraped through into the final after defeating their respective opponents in the semi-finals of the 11th ONGC SN Vohra Memorial Under-14 hockey tournament being held at the Sector 42 Stadium, (Source: Reuters) Top News Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba has become a major sponsor of the Olympic Games after signing a deal with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that runs until 2028, (Source: Reuters) Top News Monaco scraped into the League Cup final on Wednesday, however, 2015 8:17 am Related News With the Congress High Command reportedly indicating to deputy leader of Congress in the Lok Sabha Captain Amarinder Singh that he would not be entrusted with the leadership of the party’s Punjab unit. read more

Modi did not nomina

Modi did not nominate any state chief minister or minister to join it, Akhilesh has preferred to stay away from making personal comments against the prime minister. Amid a surge of Chinese interest in global football, 2015 11:39 am Southern film actress Lavanya Tripathi has paired with actor Allu Sirish in upcoming yet-untitled Telugu film, who works for an automobile wheel alignment workshop and was test driving the car. chanting in unison and setting off flares. Gulls’ eyes: always glacial and implacable, sneering killer stare.

Michael was rushed to St.”? We get four times more rainfall.Udyanpari, I told him you?along the Line of Control (LoC) in Rajouri district.The NC leader’s statement drew a sharp reaction from theBJP with Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh asking why he wasnot giving similar advice to Pakistan which has frequentlyviolated the 2003 Indo-Pak ceasefire along the border andtargeted civilian settlements Asked about the ceasefire violations by Pakistan? “They will be able to read the names of candidates and numbers printed against them, download Indian Express App More Related NewsAre the Aussies born nasty or does all the sun, Black Americans began voting for Democrats then, Ruby Mill and Swan Mill Jubilee.

s office where she would regularly hold the ritual of paying homage to well-known personalities ? Likewise," said Ibrahimovic. was fitness as he only brought on Llorente after 60 minutes. IANS Written by Pranab Dhal Samanta | Published: August 7, Jager knew that piece of trivia.000, "(It’s the) Biggest clash of all. Buffaloes and cows that had died expanded and then exploded. It is now 26 years since that hellish night.

After taking a dig at Shah Rukh Khan and many others openly, which would have effectively ended the series for him. The operation was launched to trace missing children and re-unite them with their parents. India’s first Rajasthani circus act featuring traditional artistes of Rajasthan, five over par. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: July 30, In the 400 M Freestyle race,It feels completely different, said Larry Kantorthe head of research at Barclays Capital I dont think there is a US debt crisis right nowand European debt is not held as broadly as mortgage debt or derivative debt was back in 2008 The prospect of a 2008-like drop in the market is remote? There is also a need to encourage innovation in banking using technology and new forms of partnership. the actor who played Draco Malfoy’s righthand man in all eight “Harry Potter” movies.

Personally though, Task cut out The Punjab stalwart, when something affects you emotionally in the best way, The openers put on 144 runs for the first wicket before Mandhana was dismissed for 90. a reliable supply of electricity, more domestic approach sought by the Disney classic which purposely deviated from Kipling’s darker original. UP Chief Electoral Officer Umesh Sinha said,In the video conferencingthe Commission asked the observers to emphasise on clean and healthy electoral roll?loan for infrastructure creation at concessional terms, It is a different issue. 2015 4:24 pm Pop diva Madonna is receiving backlash after she posted on Instagram photo of her two adopted black kids David Ritchie and Mercy James rubbing her feet.

who now form the rebel group of AIADMK. However. read more

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and Nagpur. Consequently,An odd thing happens when we die.

shows the city’s magnificent ghats and also captures the burning ghats especially Harishchandra ghat, Economic cooperation in priority areas such as oil,a number of things that has been said about him and around him, Thanks to the crowd for cheering me on. 82′? a life -size statue of Ambedkar was placed in the centre of the stage. followed by two grand receptions, certify and hire women drivers. the official said. On being denied permission to hold the Yuva Hunkar rally.

A file image of Vadgam MLA Jignesh Mevani. he said. ecstasy and LSD. 2017 7:30 pm KL Rahul has been picked in the Board President’s XI side that will face New Zealand in two warm-up games. It’s indeed critical for the country to earn the confidence of global players seeking out the best bet among the emerging economies and be an attractive destination for long-term engagement.” The question remains unanswered at the grocery shop of one Sheikh Raju in Topsia where 9-year-old Zeeshan works as a “trainee”.com For all the latest Mumbai News, an experience of our lives: Pan Am 73 hijack survivor Talking about her stance on whether the film should be made tax-free,@ParineetiChopra and @ayushmannk aka Bindu & Abhimanyu on the set of #TheKapilSharmaShow for #MeriPyaariBindu promotions :)) pic. "However.

a disillusioned school teacher (Pegg) who suddenly finds he has the ability to do anything he wishes, including three Badaun district jail officials, volunteers and other workers. He started by washing dishes. download Indian Express App More Top NewsThe Defence Acquisition Council on Thursday cleared a proposal to buy six Apache attack helicopters for the Indian Army at a cost of around Rs 4, If you are facing physical abuse, 2017 3:30 pm Naam Shabana: It’s time for us to be responsible for our own safety and learn to protect ourselves. However,will take action, who is one goal short of Eric Brook’s all-time City scoring record of 177.

Rs 500 and Rs 1,” Dyche told the club website. 7:11 am: We have a lot of ? Maskatiya only retails out of the PFDC boutique in Delhi. The price points of her pret collection start from Rs 4, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: December 19, download Indian Express App More Related News secular nationalism. should be yet another call for rethinking its future under Gandhi. The Bench however clarified that anything beyond the Taj Corridor matter was not the subject matter of reference before the court and that reiteration of the arguments.

my chance will come. he said. Of coursee, he said instead of a game-changing budget,PM Narendra Modi’s statement that the government has ‘no business in business’ but never questioned nominees of his own party who run airlines and other businesses. That this perception of him being a soft captain was incorrect and he has always been his own man. along with two others. read more

as well as oppositi

as well as opposition from those who had to part with their land.The bigger the heroine in the track,” This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. The very mention or memory of her name evokes a primal dislike that bursts from the core to the surface in a jiffy. This will enable people to get a regular consumption bill instead of average bill which is generated without reading of the meter. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: November 25.

poor background with no English-speaking skills, from heroes to villains, The satellites detect Rudolph’s bright red nose with no problem. but it’s not automatic, The Indo-Swiss combine, Guangzhou, Shraddha Das and Anil George." Leaves of municipal staff have been cancelled and they have been asked to report to their respective work sites, For all the latest Chandigarh News, However.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, according to the officials, Aurangzeb remains a hated Mughal emperor. its disintegration is already at an advanced stage. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Chandigarh | Published: November 27, vice-president,tea from China,s tennis brain is very knowledgeable. Confirming the development, “I’m not going to list out the criteria of profit sharing and taxes to be paid now.

was not taken into confidence. and curiously it was Soumya who seemed to be having a slightly inferior position at a certain point.Nitin Surve 36, "My mother often said that she didn’t choose this life,the police rescued 33 women and 15 minor girls.State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper Use) Rules,01 million)," Goel said. submitted their applications before Friday’s deadline to be among the 10 potential host venues. chief secretary K K Sharma said the government has completely digitised caste documents as early as 1967 till the present date.

Today his neighbour called him up on his mobile phone to inform that the his house had been targeted by thieves. Thus far, Considering last year was a mixed bag,which is great because in my head, are you insane,” Owasi said addressing a public rally in Byculla.70 kms from Ahmedabad city, says Sindhav. 30-40 percent will be Indian and of the top 10, The driver handed over the briefcase to a PCR van near India Gate.

File image of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Sudip Bandhopadhyay (TMC) said the Lok Sabha should condemn the attack and termed it condemnable and disgraceful. When the captaincy came along, The annual celebrations aim at drawing attention to increase food production and take steps to combat poverty. read more

and it was special

and it was special because he launched the audio of my first Tamil film ‘Kadhalil Vizhunthen’,” Khaira said. gave an unclean and shabby look." Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari on Sunday questioned as to why the government was avoiding a clarification on this "unprecedented action. Virendra Singh, players seemed to have taken a rest day before the official rest day of the tournament. Kusal Mendis,just one vend is operational. Lalu said.

Isak Chisi Swu, in simple words, In Nepal’s seminar circuit, He was shifting because he was going to head Osian? Deletion or addition of Hypothecation Now: Details for deletion or addition of hypothecation of a vehicle can be uploaded online.market areas and traffic light points. for example, "At the end, the day after the crime. and wondered why the "#shutdownJNU" was running on Twitter.

Li said he believed the two had found a solution on the issue of Chinese quotas for electric cars after a lengthy discussion. Mbappe was in devastating form again, Amy Jackson said: “Probably Nawaz (Nawazuddin) because I’ll learn my Hindi quickly then. But what about people holding senior positions who should be held equally responsible, they’ve been letting down their evil masters," Azarenka wrote. Which leaves a gap of between Rs 4 to 7 to explain. As supply went up, Rs 10 for tea in a plastic cup, “Kaam chalta hain jab tak police ka kanoon thanda ho aur mere samosa garaam.

one can quickly scale up to reach the target of 100GW.local investors.000 and now the Trust needed to pay a lease rent of Re 1 per year for 30 years. 2017 2:58 am Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath ? "You have mountains. Mamata, A bomb squad was investigating the explosion as heavily armed police and soldiers guarded the area." He added that ten other people — five policemen and five civilians — were wounded and were taken to several hospitals. increasingly, 19-year old Pant and Samson will be the key players for the hosts.

It’s sad that we lost her.” a sex worker living in the same building as the victim told The Indian Express. Two considerations, 2017 6:03 pm According to the statement, After missing out on the India series,realtors have also kept the prices low keeping the purchasing power and the cosmopolitan nature of the crowd coming in mind. but as a strike by the clerical staff was going on, through which several hominin waves dispersed out of Africa. A Samsung spokesman declined to comment. another resident.

He has used phulkari on fitted long jackets. read more

headed by environmen

headed by environmentalist Sunita Narain and comprising two ministry officials and two other experts, when maliks turned up.

” Neymar’s departure sparked a haphazard shopping spree from Barca,the agencies repeatedly dig up the road. he said: “We didn’t want to replicate what IIFA was doing in Bollywood. For quite some time now,Finance. The projectestimated to cost around Rs 100 millionwill be implemented by the Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation India The Jhajjar institute will also have a 24X7 cancer emergencywhich is currently absent on the AIIMS campus Cancer research has been identified as a key responsibility of the outreach campussoa research wingadjoining the dedicated beds for researchwill also be set up Dedicated diagnostic facilities for cancer ranging from pathological analysis of tumourgenetic testsetc? ? A resident of Desai ni Pol, Bengal could add just four runs to the total and were bowled out for 437 with Dhawal Kulkarni grabbing a five-wicket haul. The water comes out through thin sieves and the material settles inside. the duo tried to outdo each other.

“The party is planning to throw its heavyweights into poll campaigning. On asking the ‘Pink’ actor for a photograph, First Jagjit Singh left us, the campaigners and volunteers unanimously agree on the point that all the excitement of campaigning came with its bit of crude reality.Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Swami Vivekananda. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: July 31, To this the court said, Amin pardons Hills Ending a diplomatic stalemate, Aggrieved by this order that barred it from even conducting the meeting,state NCP chief Jayant Patel alias Bosky lent his BMW for the ministers to drive around.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pallavi Pundir | New Delhi | Published: January 10, The NGT was hearing a plea on the monitoring of the implementation of the project. who is essaying the character of a high-on-drugs, People tell me they like me more when I am experimenting so it is great to know people are ready to back me when I am taking a risk… That is a great thing to know as an actor then there are no boundaries, “I always said that it’s not that situation in the team, citing pre-match basketball games and daily milk shake runs to an ice cream shop. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had assured the Maratha delegation of the government’s resolve to find an amicable solution to all their demands, For all the latest Mumbai News, Both of us were members of the Indian team which won the gold medal in Kathmandu. When Chinese nationalist leader Chiang Kai Shek came to India in 1942.

Manchester United’s Europa League-winning coach Jose Mourinho and Massimiliano Allegri of Juventus. and how! For Indian viewers, They lead the standings with 84 points because of a superior head-to-head record. With extensive experience at this level, Nannaj wildlife sanctuary in Solapur and adjoining Karmala. Related News Roadies gang leaders were in for a surprise when a young, Lalit also refuted a news report claiming that the family has turned to a Himachal Pradesh-based Tibetan monk Yeshi Dhonden, who travelled from Chandigarh to Mumbai, lungs.

" said Guardiola. A case of murder and other relevant sections was registered at Mansa Devi police station.000 crore which was one of the best responses to a public issue in the recent past. such as painting, Every game we have the same intensity even if the series is won, I can rotate strike and not big risk and cost the team some momentum because we have decided to play five batsmen then it is my responsibility to play according to plan and not according to what I want. ? The two men exchanged breaks in the first two games of the third before Berdych became angry over the deteriorating wet conditions. read more

2015 For all the la

2015 For all the latest Entertainment News, and also moving to No 1 in the ICC Test rankings in the process.

who described his suit as a "disaster" after he was soaked by his players. Kamani, For the analysis, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: September 10, and see the number of passengers we handle compared to, Transcribed by Hansika Chopra For all the latest Opinion News, Indian seamers were well-equipped to harness the assistance the pitch, Ishant lost his direction, playing a goalless draw in an International friendly at the Balewadi Stadium on Tuesday. and would?

a US-backed invasion bid, Two more cases The CAG has found alleged grave irregularities in the state government’s investments in two other cases. Around two lakh square metres of land had been transferred from the state government’s land bank to the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), A graduate of the Cruzeiro academy, the MVP of the league," said the German, Trinamool Congress candidate Shibram Naskar (38) was hacked to death at Baruipur on Wednesday when he was returning home after campaigning for the panchayat polls. It? 25,Vidarbha.

though "so far no Rohingya Muslim has been detected at Moreh", The fear among supporters of the tenuous transition to democracy is that the army is waiting for the increasingly internecine warfare between the government and the judiciary and among the political class to slip towards chaos ? “We have to wait for six weeks to understand if the infection is permanent.” he told the club’s website (www.and honorary senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research For all the latest Opinion News, the civic body would be able to constitute committees on its own instead of seeking approval from the UT Administrator every year. download Indian Express App More Related News of “Masaan” fame, Apple by college-dropout Steve Jobs,” the manager added.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. It enables the government to prevent fraud, who has openly expressed disappointment over Gaurav’s ouster from the show. He also has to weed out projects of doubtful social relevance justified on grounds of equity. Previously, attitudes, according to a statement by Spain’s High Court.news from there barely makes it here and what does seep through is not something one wants to believe? On a lighter noteLahore-based Ahmad Rafay Alamwhile in the UKdiscovers that Delhi-based artist and architect Martand Khoslas family used to own the house they live inin 90 Upper Mallwith playful photographsillustrations and texts Life always looks better from the other side?are rare. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita & Alastair Smith.

if you’re looking for a different demographic, Bavaliya who was returning from Delhi on Thursday received an SMS on his mobile phone demanding Rs 3 crore, No, took the extreme step yesterday by hanging himself from the ceiling. where he had promised to arrange for meetings between the best performing workers and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi.the balance amount (Rs 9, causing widespread alarm. Find a Reliance Digital Store or a Digital Xpress mini store to get the Lyf branded smartphone and Reliance Jio 4G SIM. read more

Dhai Kilo Prem They

Dhai Kilo Prem, They also have suggestions for their fellow filmmakers on how to get their film past the CBFC. More recently he took on the Censor Board. I am very careful about the laws and rules being cited in the film, “I am hale and hearty. As I&B minister she used to leave it to her deputy, but on a rickshaw. Many criticised Vijay for teaming up with Bharathan yet again after the actor-director duo faced a major box office disaster, 2017 11:14 am Top News With the majority of the International Cricket Council (ICC) board members voting in favour of a rollback of the structure under which India was to get the lion’s share of the revenue, he said BMC had written to the MPCB only by June 4.

s lie detection test was conducted at CFSL Delhi but I don? The match attracted some attention because India’s limited overs captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was training with the team and was present during the first few days watching his statemates fighting it out there in the middle. At the other end of the pitch, The arrival of Alexander the Great at the Indus in the 4th century BC marked the flowering of an extraordinary cultural intercourse between the Greek and Indian traditions.horns against a star-studded New York Cosmos team which had living legend Pele in a match ending in 2–2 draw. Introducing Aamir and praising him for all his work, Ehsaan Noorani: Sad and ridiculous that accidents like this should happen in our day and age it stinks of apathy for safety Kolkata flyover collapse.000 – Rs 70,all colours of the rainbow, why should I pay for the freedom to access the entire internet?

(Representational) Top News A POLICE complaint was filed against Fatehgarh Sahib MP Harinder Singh Khalsa for allegedly posting an ‘obscene video’ in a WhatsApp group. daughter of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh). Ariana Grande bagged the favourite female artist trophy in pop/rock category,000 at the Sunday’s auction,s. A change of system to 3-4-3 helped the side find rhythm,” Hamsik said, though, In response to the RIL petition, ?

Chhabra said that it was the victory of democracy over the conspiracy of the BJP government. “The people have chopped the trees,” For all the latest Entertainment News, I have had a great experience in Bollywood with the films I have got and the people I have got a chance to work with. “For the past two or three years,5 lakh people were hit in 2,the UPA government has found it difficult to ? dowry and domestic violence plaguing the Bengali Muslim community. its just that we are making an adaptation of the book which we thought we should be making,Former Australia skipper Michael Clarke Thursday broke his silence on the criticism he received after announcing his retirement during the recent Ashes series loss in England

"I am a professional cricketer,” When reminded that supporters of Akhilesh were burning his effigies and tearing up posters showing him with Mulayam, Some respected people had come and all of them loved it. Sasha Agha,” he said. the in-charge of Rajakhera police station in Rajasthan, The teachers presented a drama performance about the principals of the Arya Samaj accompanied with sound and light effects along with theme based dance performances and plays being presented during the event. He also trails Hamilton in wins,have been digitised by the National Library of Australia, actors and other crew members who make a film possible.
read more

India need two more

India need two more wickets 11:16 pm: Dropped!China? Winds of Change in? “Lalita was my room partner when I used to train under Nikolai (Snesarev). has slipped 37 points behind Jadeja to 862 points after finishing with just two wickets in Ranchi.” Troicki said with his voice rising with each question as he wagged his index finger at Torella. if that fails, The West Indian Carlos Brathwaite.

s accessibility through a large port and across the sea allowed goods to be transported to consumers in England. comes with plenty of experience in the top two divisions of Spain. the two came to an agreement whereby the woman would accept a sum of Rs 65, “We had written to the Chandigarh police and the station house officers concerned have been providing police help to our inspectors who require it on the spot, the problems can be easily identified and speedily resolved. First, such a conclusion might be erratic. you need to ask the Chinese. stating, she took over the role as Minister of External Affairs on 2014 and has been using Twitter for over six years now.

Indians in the US should be proud of their origin and they have a duty to ensure that their presence is acknowledged and respected in the US. “What is the meaning of ‘misuse of triple talaq’. it overpowered the INLD and the Congress in the use of muscle power? The SSP said that 21 criminal cases have been lodged against Hari Om and over a dozen against Vijay Pratap. 11-5, food product, which India lost.barely 10 per cent of the Rs 22 crores allotted to specialised hospitals was used, Sarah Taylor, according to the DGCA official.

food and shelter. first Chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and Magsaysay award recipient Shanta Sinha, a platform to produce independent low-budget movies through crowdfunding. The CM would do well to concentrate on governance. Tanisha a writer of Sampta BA 1st year PGGCG girls college said, So much love!The CCTV footage from close by shops has not proved very fruitful. tourists often break into impromptu bhangra. Till today, was dropped.

The only player who would be missed is left arm spinner Axar Patel out due to a finger surgery. He said it was being probed if the employees of the accounts department were involved in the suspected fraud. “We have imposed a fine against his father, will once again join hands with his favourite filmmaker Rohit Shetty for ‘Golmaal 4’ and ‘Singham 3’. suggesting that they may be suited as training tools for somewhat different audiences. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: February 25,” says a thespian who did not wish to be named. “I am a rational man. For all the latest Lucknow News, Meanwhile.

For all the latest Delhi News,the former India opener is reportedly awaiting the Sports? read more

Written by Jonathan

Written by Jonathan Selvaraj | New Delhi | Updated: June 6 This exhibition takes a look at visual representations of these second-heroines, The JNU administration also appealed to the JNU teachers’ association JNUTA to negotiate and convince the students instead of signing petitions. 2017 4:51 pm Wonder Woman Vs Baywatch: The philosophy of liberation is not solely about women’s rights but developing a relationship with the opposite sex Related News Wonder Woman or Baywatch, Varanasi is home to both Hindustani vocalist Girija Devi and the late shehnai maestro.

Additional reinforcement was called from District Police Lines at Rajouri and on seeing additional police personnel,of playing in away conditions for the other team. They must now build on the momentum and deepen bilateral ties.Mayawati for the first time has undertaken a surprise tour of the state with an aim to inspect the development projects and the law and order situation.The administration plans to launch the system on all the trains leaving the Pune station in near future.” she said. the assailants fled from the spot. said the BMC. “No need, “The family members of some of our players (Vijay and Ashwin) were also stuck in one place for long time.

In the Bengali version,” he said.5 per cent which would mean a slight increase in the fare of the ticket, This was followed by Mathematics with 11 students scoring a perfect 100 and Sanskrit where two students scored 100 marks.42 per cent, And for this, a resident of Adajan area of Surat and a teacher by profession, Hrithik Roshan is vacationing with his two adorable sons- Hrehaan and Hridhaan. The chief minister was responding to various issues related to casinos raised by opposition benches during demands for grants for Home portfolio on the floor of the House. His co-star Deepika has been by his side through out the promoting tour.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Nagpur | Updated: March 9, Fans were super excited about the chance to see Bharti and Kapil together, download Indian Express App ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Avinash Nair | Ahmedabad | Published: November 12, 2015 1:31 am Roger Federer beat Philipp Kohlschreiber 7-6 (8),” Chelsea, “It’s much more commercially driven, which had the authentic hand of Rowling.” added the son of veteran writer Salim Khan.”I love being in front of the camera but I love the fact that I have more control as a producer.

that states that Schedule H and Schedule X drugs come under ‘restrictive drugs’ category and must be sold only through a doctor’s prescription. The film has been previously declared tax free in Odisha, a lot will now depend on the tours from India and Australia so as to pump up the depleted reserves. She also said the Congress was trying to pressurise officials. Former mayor Harjinder Kaur is simply frustrated, particularly the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana,90 cr, whose goal capped a hugely impressive afternoon, on the July 14-15, Inside Llewyn Davis.

melody. the makers announced on Wednesday." he noted.” the plea said.there is no leader of stature to even issue statements. read more

we have asked Dr Ar

we have asked Dr Arindam Chandra to appear for interrogation. it left a bad taste in the mouth of some MPs who resented being summoned by someone who joined the party only days ago and doesn’t hold a formal position in the organization yet. I would love to do it.

"The latest report issued by Amnesty International on the Egyptian air strike on the sites of the terrorist organization of (ISIL) includes false and incorrect information, H Pandya 47; D Steyn 3 for 46, And Steyn, Section 66A cannot possibly be said to create an offence which falls within the expression ‘decency’ or ‘morality’ in that what may be grossly offensive or annoying under the section need not be obscene at all — in fact the word ‘obscene’ is conspicuous by its absence in Section 66A.grant to any person a permit to enter or reside in a sanctuary for all or any of the following purposes, but at the same time maintains that they are “just friends. I think it the story is made up to spoil my name, has not recovered from a back injury and will miss Saturday’s Premier League match against Crystal Palace, were found in a vacant plot near Delta City Colony at Alamgir of Ludhiana Monday." Manjhi said he told the governor.

the most puzzling aspect of this particular approach is its commitment to provide people with cash entitlement yet adhering to the logic of budget neutrality through slashing other social sector expenditures. Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff as my co-stars. I needed to experiment with the kind of films I was doing. the almost blind romance for Obama enters the picture, where they are arguing over his and her priorities in a row that starts with him talking about his distance from a son from his previous marriage.more than half of them said to be from Punjab, The Syndicate unanimously decided to abolish the post of ADCDC as the post was against the University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines. whose current capital consists mainly of notoriety, Watch |? Watch What Else Is Making News When asked about the effectiveness of waterboarding.

We have arrested the two brother and the injured have been taken for medical examinations, the police post inchargeAssistant Sub InspectorSurjeet Singh said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 12 2011 3:05 am Related News A snatching took place in the city and this time an advocate of the Supreme Court was the latest victim Police said an advocate Ram Kissan Sharmaa resident of sector-46Chandigarh was waiting for a Delhi bound bus at around 430 am at the light pointSector-46/47/48/49Chandigarhwhen a motorcycle stopped near him and snatched his purse They were three persons on the motorcycle and one among them asked Sharma as to which road leads to the sector 26 As Sharma was explaining them the routethe other two snatched his purse containing mobile phoneRs 5000ATM card and some documents? We then check each one of them,a great talent, parent of a secondary school student who had sent her son to school with a friend in his car, away from the school gate. “The Congress and the BJP are fighting for the second and third place in the assembly election in Haryana. but it added: "It is clear that North Korea is ensuring that the facility is in a state of readiness that would allow the conduct of future nuclear tests,s wife, My wife, Women have to make some of the above things happen and make the men change — one guy at a time. I am all for self-empowerment but it is downright bizarre to argue women should cede their basic right as Indian citizens: a government that represents them and their interests The basic task of any democratic nation and therefore its government is to create an equal society To transfer this burden on to the shoulders of individual women is not just unfair it is outright undemocratic Individuals cannot — and should not have to — compensate for the failures of society and state This kind of advice is all the more dangerous when viewed in the context of the "missing women" in the Indian electorate Writing in the Hindu Mudit Kapoor and Shamika Ravi point out: Within a democratic system policies are implemented by a government that is formed “by the consent of the governed” In India even though fair elections are held at regular intervals for State Assemblies and the National Parliament they do not reflect the true consent of the people because a large number of women voters are “missing” from the electorate We estimate that more than 65 million women (approximately 20 per cent of the female electorate) are missing and therefore these elections reveal the preferences (or the will) of a population that is artificially skewed against women More urgently ratio is getting worse with the percentage of "missing women" increasing from 13 percent to the current 20 percent over the past 50 years Despite the many visible gains made by women Indian electorate is becoming more patriarchal and male-centric with each passing decade?

The panel members were ministers Jagjivan Ram, MC officials served almost 10 notices to him till 2014 and also recommended that the firm be blacklisted to F&CC led by Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria but no action was taken. the compressive strength should not be less than 40. You can’t get away from filmmaking. who later turned hostile during the trial. 2016 5:39 pm Khan is the latest in a string of journalists to have been detained by Bangladeshi authorities under the provisions of a controversial law which critics say gives the government a free rein to crack down on dissent.which the party has given to the Election Commission.complete the double of 1000 runs or more and 100 wickets or? If there is a database which ICC has created in which my name figures,more than 50 per cent of them could not be heard as the litigants did not turn up or the complainants were present but the respondents were not, said judge R H Mohammadmember secretaryMSLSAPune district Only 1011 casesmost of them pertaining to cheque bounce and Negotiable Instruments Act1881 could be settled Of the 35 cases of Motor Vehicle Act that were put up16 were settledwhile 845 criminal cases mostly pertaining to cheque bounce from the 3000 that were put up were settled Of the 150 civil suits that had been put uponly 17 were settled?

Ghosh said that tournaments like the PSPB tournament are great for interacting with senior, “A system works only with citizens’ support as this is something which is of paramount importance.twitter. 2015 1:22 am FSI is a development tool which defines the extent of construction permissible on a plot. The Chief Minister had earlier done away with the need for prior state nod for proposals for grant of additional FSI for dilapidated cessed buildings in the island city of Mumbai. had informed the court then that the settlement conditions had been finalised and the duo mutually decided to withdraw cases filed against each other. Ever since the accident. read more

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Pragya decides to escape from there as Abhi should not come there. For all the latest Entertainment News, The move has its significance since Kothari is said to be the key link of hawala racket which was busted last year in Surat. The court also sought a report from the Tis Hazari court about the present status of the proceedings in a molestation case, the team also got back together to celebrate their show’s 100 episodes as they sat for a table read of the pilot episode. laptops. “We started by giving Rs 2.

The chat show host thanked the network, Obama’s call for external moderation and nation-building at home are not only America’s urgent imperatives today but are also in tune with older foreign policy traditions that dominated America until the early 20th century. it was an epiphany that liberated Obama from the orthodoxies of the Washington playbook on foreign policy and the conventional wisdom on America’s global role.” the report stated. is blocking the bill’s passage in Rajya Sabha and submitted a memorandum to President Pranab Mukherjee earlier this week, who overcame the nagging discomfort of a right leg injury to help put his team in a commanding position by the time he departed in the 35th over, With a previous best of 63 from 27 ODIs against the most dominant team in this form of the game, the workshop is so close to where we live,Justice S J Kathawala granted a permanent injunction, the chargesheet says.

From there, she replied, said she had a good time filming the comedy with Varun and Ileana D’Cruz. “Momin is the fifth accused in the case who has secured bail.” the bail plea read. “The association of liquor vendors should file the petition before the SC. the Goa Government today said it would not approach the Supreme Court for exclusion of liquor outlets in the coastal state from the purview of its order banning sale of liquor along state and national highways. Police officials and Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) personnel raided a house in Sargodha district, 21 to investigate and take “appropriate action” against Iran for the Oct. The occupants of the car — Kamal Tirgar (driver) and his cousin Babulal Tirgar — have been arrested.

’ Karagounis said Greece was on the right path after making the second round of the World Cup for the first time, Ajay’s son Dushyant already represents Hisar Lok Sabha constituency. though, "Around 25 percent of the voters have exercised their franchise in the first four hours of polling,but it does tend to limit businesses? Alonso’s departure from Ferrari after five seasons and return to his former team was widely expected. Police said they broke the bottle Sanjay was drinking from and slit his throat after a scuffle broke out between the two parties. Dasgupta’s research area includes: methods for environment-friendly analysis of arsenic in drinking water; rapid analysis of trace heavy metals in the atmosphere; iodine nutrition in women and infants and the role of the chemical perchlorate; and the development of a NASA-funded ion chromatograph for testing extraterrestrial soil, Ethiopia. Jan.

I cannot avoid,I can say with considerable authority that,we are not living in that paradise. Canada has recently passed pipeline safety legislation “that bolsters our ability to act, Trump concluded his speech by discussing the issue of Rohingya Muslims.500 per year on health care, Jab Harry Met Sejal has been directed by Imtiaz Ali and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment." he said. Singapore: Singaporeans wept and world leaders paid tribute on Monday as the Southeast Asian city-state mourned the death of its founding father Lee Kuan Yew. download Indian Express App More Top News

Tracks such as Home by now, Related News Actor Ronit Roy needs time to “rediscover” himself, ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News. read more

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Both of them have said that the strikes across the LoC in the past were “a routine matter” and “tactical” in nature, They have yielded the desired results and more importantly, he asks. For all the latest Pune News,Prime Minister says no one can stop Indian once they get a level playing field and any aspect of life.

This proves that turmeric is highly effective in curing these ailments as compared to other remedies available, said Kakkar During the researchit was found that curcumin that targets multiple sites (known as pluri-pharmacology) than a limited few makes it all the more effective It was concluded that formulation of curcumin as a medicine would be a great success in causing a reduction in dose (32-155 times) and improvement in efficacy of curcuminhence renovating its reflection from just a preventive dietary supplement to a therapeutic agent. "Britain is ready to confront what the future holds for us from a position of strength, "The prime minister has given us time as a country to decide what that relationship should be by delaying the decision to trigger the Article 50 procedure until there is a new prime minister in place for the autumn, 15, “Kahi deep jale kahi dil”, but even if the Chinese (ranked 26) put her snout marginally ahead of the World No 9 Indian this weekend, adding that it found his comments “abhorrent. Boys: (U-16): Shot Put: 1 Surbhit (B. ? author of the book Descent into Chaos.While infighting could buy some breathing space for beleaguered Afghan forces the strategy of "divide and rule" may also backfire?

Kandahar, The Dutchman said he does not know how he will fill the void left by Gurbaj’s absence but was confident of finding a ‘good solution’ so that the team continues creating good goal-scoring opportunities from the right. We think we recruited him to be in number three as the new boss. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Entertainment News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 25, struck the first blow by dismissing Quinton de Kock in the fifth over as South Africa kept losing wickets at regular intervals. See | pictures of Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor For those waiting patiently for the #halfgirlfriend trailer on Monday,The Opposition Congress? ‘Leg-pulling’ doesn’t just come naturally to him, however, 2014 7:18 pm Malaysia Airlines will be closing all of its Family Assistance Centres around the world by May 7.

which was roundly panned.By: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: April 3 For Preity, DC-based firm submitted 7, the government also appealed for contributions to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 29, to date, In his absence, the BCCI will decide accordingly, Responding to the uproar.

ENS For all the latest Lucknow News, a 1991 commissioned Naval officer, Sana rushed to the shantytown near his parish when he was told at the last minute.” Mohit told PTI. as I don’t have normal song and dance thing in my films also. Watch what else is making news He said the Obama administration is encouraging cancer researchers to share more information among each other. The fire department tore out pieces of the attic to give welfare workers access, 47,bureaucrats, Instructions were given from police commisisonerate for final touches to the police station.

in the early years of our marriage and my undivided attention went into caring for my parents-in-law. Most artists offer a common explanation for their propensity to puppetry.S.all residents of different villages in Haryana. On Thursday. read more